Interior Design Top 10 online certification Courses and training programs

Here's the list of Top 10 online Interior design courses (Learn How to work with Interior design styles, Use Lighting in your Interior Design, decorate any rooms, Create the ideal color scheme for any room, dream kitchen design).

Interior Design tutorial These professional interior designing courses will help you gain practical knowledge on how to create and manage your own design and techniques to arrange the living spaces of buildings.

1. › How to Work with Interior Design Styles Like a Pro (Udemy)


★ 4.4 (7,414+ Ratings ) | 35,697+ students | 5.5 hours on-demand video | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee | Certificate of completion.

- Understand the main interior design styles used in today’s homes in great detail, which include: Formal Interior Design Styles: Traditional, English Country, French and more.

- Select the common materials used in each of the main styles. Select the commonly used patterns for each of the main styles.

- Articulate the defining furniture characteristics of each main style. Select appropriate color schemes used for each of the main styles. Learn how to mix different styles with confidence!.

Course Link: learn-how-to-work-with-interior-design-styles-like-a-pro

2. › How to Design a Room in 10 Easy Steps (Udemy)

★ 4.5 (5,518+ Ratings ) | 21,608+ students | 2 hours on-demand video | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee | Certificate of completion.

- Design/decorate nearly any room well using a systematic 10-step method. Each step provides details instructions for that particular element.

- Identify different interior design styles and select your own style for decorating. Create different room layout options for family rooms, living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.

- Identify the best places to buy furnishings for a room. Create a personalized color scheme that will look great.

Link: how-to-design-a-room-in-10-easy-steps

3. › How to Use Color Like a Pro - Interior Design Color Schemes Made Easy (Udemy)

★ 4.6 (4,204+ Ratings ) | 20,185+ students | 2 hours on-demand video | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee | Certificate of completion.

- Create the ideal color scheme for any room in your home using a tool that has been designed to guide you through this process easily.

- Use the psychology of color to create the perfect mood in your home. Mix patterns successfully in a room.

- Choose the right paint colors, including how to effectively test them out before you start, and how to transition those colors effectively in your home.

- Use texture to change the way a color appears. Choose from a plethora of popular color schemes for different rooms in your home based on the orientation of the room, your interior design style.

Online class Link: learn-how-to-use-color-like-a-pro

4. › Design is in the Details: How to Accessorize Like a Pro (Udemy)

★ 4.5 (2,038+ Ratings ) | 12,794+ students | 2.5 hours on-demand video | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee | Certificate of completion.

- Take your interior design from good to great by focusing on the details. Use 5 key accessories to take any room from good to great.

- Use pillows to stylishly decorate a sofa and a bed. Mix wood finishes effectively in any room of your home. Articulate the various moldings that can be used to elevate the design of your home.

- Stylishly decorate a variety of surfaces in your home, including a console table, coffee table, fireplace mantel and bookcase. Mix metal finishes effectively in any room of your home.

- Match the right paint colors to your wood tones. Select moldings (types and sizes) that are best suited to your home.

Link: design-is-in-the-details

5. › Learn How to Use Lighting Design to Transform your Home (Udemy)

★ 4.7 (1,381+ Ratings ) | 8,182+ students | 2 hours on-demand video | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee | Certificate of completion.

* Learn How to Use Lighting in your Interior Design Like a Pro. Use 3 layers of light to create a cohesive and dramatic lighting scheme in any room of their home.

* Effectively utilize and control both natural and artificial light in their home. Place lighting fixtures appropriately throughout their room. Create a simplified professional lighting plan.

* Calculate exactly how much artificial light each of their rooms need. Select light fixtures appropriate to the type of room. Hide unsightly electrical cords from table and floor lamps. Use artificial light to alter the intensity of colors in their room.

Link: lighting-design-to-transform-your-home

6. › Learn Kitchen Design from A to Z - How to Design Your Dream Kitchen (Udemy)

Be able to select the right finishes for your dream kitchen. Understand when it's a good idea to bring in a designer or design/build firm.

Learn what order work should be done in during a kitchen remodel. Implement innovative storage solutions for your kitchen. Learn important guidelines for your backsplash installation.

Learn the best areas to spend your money in a kitchen remodel. Learn important questions to ask your contractors to avoid costly mistakes. Identify ideal kitchen layouts for smaller and larger kitchens.

Link: how-to-design-your-dream-kitchen

7. › Interior Design for your Modern Home: A Room by Room Guide (Udemy)

★ 4.7 (405+ Ratings ) | 1,950+ students | 2.5 hours on-demand video | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee | Certificate of completion.

- Learn how to take charge of your home interior design and confidently make the right design decisions. Be able to identify and implement the core interior design principle.

- After completing this course, students will be able to use the knowledge to design a beautiful, cohesive, and modern home that looks expertly done.

- Gain an understanding of commonly used interior design terms related to lighting, colors, paints, and more. Make informed decisions regarding color schemes, paints, lighting, and more.

Certification course Link: how-to-design-your-modern-home


Best Linkedin Interior Design Online certification Courses


1. › SketchUp for Interior Design (Linkedin)

★ 4.5 9,379+ members like this content | 102,131+ Learners | 2h 16m of contnet | Certificate of completion.

- Learn how to develop a floor plan quickly, using an imported AutoCAD file and a number of SketchUp tools to build the walls, insert doors and windows, create and use materials, and apply special effects such as styles and shadows. Plus, learn to set up scenes for use in client presentations.

Link: sketchup-for-interior-design/welcome

2. › SketchUp Pro: Interior Design Detailing (Linkedin)

4,191+ members like this content | 18,286+ Learners | 3h 35m of contnet | Certificate of completion.

- In this course, interior design expert Rebecca Terpstra teaches you how to create an interior design in SketchUp Pro from a basic floor plan, build it up three-dimensionally, populate the space with furniture and fixtures, and create the documentation needed to deliver it to a client or contractor.

Link: sketchup-pro-interior-design-detailing

3. › Revit for Interior Architecture (Linkedin)

7,327+ members like this content | 83,409+ Learners | 6h 5m of contnet | Certificate of completion.

- In this course, discover how to use Revit during the interior design process. Instructor Brian Myers demonstrates how to organize your project browser, assign finishes to rooms, and create new materials and custom wall types.

Link: revit-for-interior-architecture


Interior - Best Alison Interior Design Online Courses with certification


1. › Diploma in Interior Design - Free course (Alison)

- This free online interior design diploma course will provide you with an overview of interior design as a discipline.

- You will learn about project planning and client communication as well as the design principles and factors a designer takes into account when working within a space.

- You will learn how to work with colour, use surface materials and textures, work with textiles and accessories, source and select furniture, and more.

Course Link: diploma-in-interior-design


2. › Diploma in Design Thinking - Free Course (Alison)

11,494 Students | 10-15 Hours Duration.

- This free online design thinking course will teach you the best process for creating and testing a new idea, or improving a product or service.

Link: diploma-in-design-thinking-revised