25+ Free online Photography & video courses

Photography & Video classes Do you want to learn photography online for free?. We just complied a list of 25+ Photography & video related free online courses and certification classess from top platforms (Udemy, Coursera, edx, Linkedin, Alison). Build your camera confidence with these free online courses.

Photography & Video Udemy's Free Courses [100% Free]

Free Photography Courses and Tutorials from Udemy.

1. › Introductory Photography Course

4.7 (16,337+ Ratings) | 245,893+ students | 2hr 37min of on-demand video.

In this course, you will learn everything from the basics of how your camera works and correct technique through to setting your AF mode, AF points, resolution.

2. › Video Editing For Beginners: Learn How To Edit

4.0 (1,054+ Ratings) | 21,040+ students | 1hr 27min of on-demand video.

Edit a video from start to finish using any Video Editing Software, Learn the basics of different video editing software.

3. › Photography: Ditch Auto - Start Shooting in Manual

4.3 (7,373+ Ratings) | 193,650+ students | 4hr 41min of on-demand video.

Learn to use your camera in manual mode, Feel more confident shooting with a DSLR, Maximize the potential of your camera.

4. › Phantom & Mavic Filmschool Sample - intro to Litchi

4.9 (2,179+ Ratings) | 21,800+ students | 3hr 55min of on-demand video.

Use the Litchi Mission Hub like a pro, Frame the subject in a video correctly for best results, Use the Litchi app and camera settings to get best results, Understand theoretical concepts like interpolation to advance your skills.

5. › Learn How to Use Premiere Pro CC - For Beginners

4.6 (2,027+ Ratings) | 31,044+ students | 56min of on-demand video.

Set up a Premiere Pro Project, Import and Organize Video Footage, Understand the basic interface of Premiere Pro's workspaces, Work with effects and transitions.

6. › Lightroom 5 Photographer Workflow

4.4 (1,331+ Ratings) | 49,853+ students | 1hr 37min of on-demand video.

Import and Organize Photos Quickly, Edit and retouch photos fast and effectively, Learn Lightroom Basics, Learn the new features found in Lightroom 5.

7. › From Story to Screen: Producing a Professional Short Film

4.2 (1,097+ Ratings) | 33,480+ students | 1hr 8min of on-demand video.

You will learn Identify and develop their story idea, Plan for pre-production, production and post-production, Know how to fully develop a professional short film with proper documentation and professionalism.

8. › After Effects CC for Beginners - The Basics of After Effects

4.4 (969+ Ratings) | 19,970+ students | 1hr 9min of on-demand video.

Learn the basics of After Effects in this complete beginner's course! Learn After Effects in under 1 Hour.

9. › How to VLOG & Grow a YouTube Following

4.5 (779+ Ratings) | 20,620+ students | 37min of on-demand video.

Students will be able to understand all the steps it takes to create a vlog from beginning to end.

10. › Photography. Learn Photography From Pro & Take Better Photos

4.6 (729+ Ratings) | 22,456+ students | 1hr 37min of on-demand video.

Learn how to take back creative control from your camera, Learn the 4 easy steps to mastering Exposure, Learn an often overlooked camera setting and see light in a, well, different light.


Best Photography & Video Coursera's Free online training

1. › Photography Basics and Beyond: From Smartphone to DSLR Specialization | Offered by "Michigan State University"

4.8 (4,170+ Ratings) | 88,840+ already enrolled | Approximately 6 months to complete.

This Specialization covers a broad range of fundamental principles in photography, from camera control to principles of composition and creativity, providing you with a foundation for growth in making photographs you’ll be proud to share.

2. › Seeing Through Photographs | Offered by "The Museum of Modern Art"

4.8 (3,832+ Ratings) | 376,639+ already enrolled | Approx. 17 hours to complete.

Understand artists’ processes and the choices that inform a photograph’s making, including experimentation and responses to technological innovation, Learn how context influences the production, circulation, and reception of photographic images.

3. › Photography Techniques: Light, Content, and Sharing | Offered by "Michigan State University"

4.8 (908+ Ratings) | 55,874+ already enrolled | Approx. 24 hours to complete.

Here in Course Four you will start by gaining knowledge related to content in photography, from fact to fiction, documentary to purely expressive. Next you will learn principles, tips, and techniques for using the essential element of Light in Ambient/Natural settings.

4. › Aerial Photography with UAV | Offered by "Saint Petersburg State University"

The course objectives include: knowledge about various aircraft and payloads, the geodetic control creation, flights planning and their implementation, the main stages of data processing and application of the results obtained.


Best edx's Photography & Video online program

1. › Drones and Autonomous Systems I: Fundamentals

Free to start | 12,229+ already enrolled | Estimated 6 weeks.

This course introduces unmanned aerial systems (UAS) including drones and autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) with sensors including those for obstacle avoidance, other instruments, and payloads that rely on complex algorithms and have various uses.

2. › Making Science and Engineering Pictures: A Practical Guide to Presenting Your Work

Free to start | Estimated 4 weeks.

Learn from an award-winning master photographer how to create stunning images of science and engineering, In this six-week course, you will learn the basics of photography and gain intriguing new perspectives on the visual world.


Top Alison's Photography & Video Free online Courses

1. › Introduction to Digital Photography

204,270 Students | 1.5-3 Hours.

This free online digital photography course will introduce you to the most important functions and techniques of digital photography and your digital camera.

2. › Diploma in Digital Photography

123,367 Students | 10-15 Hours.

This free online Diploma in Digital Photography teaches you about the advanced features of your camera, and how to master the art of taking great photographs.

3. › Diploma in Ethnography

92 Students | 10-15 Hours.

you will learn about the ethnographic process, research and concepts. You will also consider the challenges and methods used in ethnography to gather data for research.

4. › Journalism and Print Media - Revised

4,487 Students | 1.5-3 Hours.

Learn about the history of newspapers and magazines, the role of journalists and other staff and the influence of business and politics.

5. › Advanced Diploma in Digital Image Processing

982 Students | 6-10 Hours.

This free online digital image processing course can be of great help for those willing to delve into the world of photography.

6. › Exploring Movie Construction and Production

4,716 Students | 1.5-3 Hours.

In this film production course, study a wide range of topics in filmmaking process, including theme, genre, narrative structure, story, directing, acting, cinematography, photography, shooting, editing, and sound.


Best Linkedin's Photography & Video Free Courses

1. › Learning Your Canon DSLR Camera

285 members like this course | 8,964+ learners | 3h 22m | Certificate of Completion.

This course helps photographers get up to speed quickly with the essential features and controls of Canon DSLRs—functionality shared by every model from the Rebel to the 5D Mark IV.

2. › Photoshop 2021 Essential Training: Photography

1,627 members like this course | 13,223 learners | 3h 31m.

This course can help you take your images to the next level and get the results that you want using Photoshop 2021.

3. › Photography Foundations: Mobile Photography

1,367+ members like this course | 31,377+ learners | 1h 30m.

You will learn photography basics and how to adjust camera settings for the best results in different conditions.