Free Udemy online courses and Tutorials

Find out the below list of top free Udemy online courses for all categories (Programming languages, Data science, development, Enginerring, Marketing, Design, SEO, Health & Fitness and etc.) . Udemy is one of the World’s largest and cost-effective Online Learning platform.

Programming Languages Click here to access all Free Udemy's Programming Languages online Courses

1. › Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners

4.4 (91,630+ ratings) | 1,592,765+ students | 16hr 7min of on-demand video.

Learn to program in the Java programming language. This course assumes no prior programming knowledge, just a desire to learn to program.

2. › Introduction To Python Programming

4.4 (54,144+ ratings) | 606,487+ students | 1hr 39min of on-demand video.

This course is a one-stop-shop for everything you'll need to know to get started with Python.

3. › C++ Tutorial for Complete Beginners

4.5 (39,924+ ratings) | 495,741+ students | 17hr 59min of on-demand video.

This course teaches you the powerful, fast and popular C++ programming language from scratch.

4. › Git Started with GitHub

4.3 (16,026+ ratings) | 186,308+ students | 52min of on-demand video.

Learn the basics of Git and GitHub, with clear, step-by-step instructions by a highly rated teacher.

5. › Learn Android Application Development

4.6 (14,070+ ratings) | 270,085+ students | 26hr 50min of on-demand video.

A beginner course on Android Application development.

6. › Beginner PHP and MySQL Tutorial

4.4 (9,640+ ratings) | 294,221+ students | 10hr 42min of on-demand video.

This PHP / MySQL Tutorial Video Course is narrated by Robert Tucker, a long-time trainer, lecturer and consultant who specializes in helping people learn how to use technology to solve real world problems.

7. › Learn to Program in Javascript: Beginner to Pro

4.4 (9,479+ ratings) | 166,163+ students | 4hr 24min of on-demand video.

This is an in-depth course which teaches seemingly difficult concepts like functional programming in a easy to understand way.

8. › Introduction to TypeScript

4.1 (7,405+ ratings) | 70,994+ students | 1hr 6min of on-demand video.

Learn to supercharge your web-applications with the powerful typed language from Microsoft.

9. › Java Database Connection: JDBC and MySQL

4.4 (7,007+ ratings) | 136,912+ students | 1hr 28min of on-demand video.

Learn how to connect to a MySQL database with Java JDBC.

10. › Introducing Spring Boot

3.9 (5,423+ ratings) | 71,400+ students | 2hr 19min of on-demand video.

Learn how Spring Boot can have you writing applications in minutes.

11. › A Beginners Guide to Django

4.4 (4,739+ ratings) | 69,120+ students | 1hr 46min of on-demand video.

Learn all the basics of Django through a step-by-step process by creating your very own Polls Application for free.

12. › Angular and Spring MVC (Updated: Angular 9 and Spring boot)

4.5 (1,306+ ratings) | 32,245+ students | 2hr of on-demand video.

Full stack development with Angular and Spring MVC.

Udemy Web Development All Free Udemy's Web Development Tutorial Courses

1. › HTML and CSS for Beginners - Build a Website & Launch ONLINE

4.5 (32,249+ ratings) | 353,994+ students | 5hr 50min of on-demand video.

This HTML and CSS for Beginners course will give your all the knowledge you need to master HTML and CSS easily and quickly.

2. › Javascript Essentials

4.5 (25,897+ ratings) | 264,729+ students | 6hr 30min of on-demand video.

Learn how Javascript works, some basic API's and finally create a mini project.

3. › Web Design for Web Developers: Build Beautiful Websites

4.6 (29,496+ ratings) | 464,299+ students | 46min of on-demand video.

Learn web design in 1 hour with 25+ simple-to-use rules and guidelines — tons of amazing web design resources included.

4. › Practical PHP: Master the Basics and Code Dynamic Websites

4.6 (13,860+ ratings) | 221,660+ students | 6hr 20min of on-demand video.

This course is a total beginners guide to coding dynamic websites with PHP so you need no prior knowledge or experience with PHP — although, it is a good idea if you know some HTML & CSS.

5. › Web Development By Doing: HTML / CSS From Scratch

4.5 (11,281+ ratings) | 179,756+ students | 1hr 11min of on-demand video.

Learn By Doing For Complete Beginners. HTML And CSS. Code Your First Website In 1 Hour.

6. › Quickstart AngularJS 1.0 [First Version Of Angular]

4.5 (7,210+ ratings) | 119,879+ students | 1hr 26min of on-demand video.

A quick practical approach to let you know whether AngularJS is the tool of choice for your project as well as you.

7. › Foundations of Front-End Web Development

4.4 (6,714+ ratings) | 126,039+ students | 20hr 14min of on-demand video.

Learn the skills to quickly start a career in Front-End Development today.

8. › Bootstrap 4 Quick Start: Code Modern Responsive Websites

4.5 (6,151+ ratings) | 126,860+ students | 3hr 58min of on-demand video.

Learn the new features of Bootstrap 4, and code three responsive websites.

9. › JavaScript Fundamentals

4.5 (4,806+ ratings) | 85,347+ students | 4hr 52min of on-demand video.

This hands on JavaScript training course provides the fundamental knowledge necessary to design and develop dynamic Web pages using JavaScript.

10. › Beginning Oracle WebLogic for Administrators

4.4 (4,426+ ratings) | 39,965+ students | 1hr 14min of on-demand video.

Introductory course to Oracle WebLogic 12c. Learn how to download, install, and create WebLogic domains.

Online free Data science Free Udemy's Data science online Courses & Tutorials

1. › R Basics - R Programming Language Introduction

4.5 (16,095+ ratings) | 175,494+ students | 4hr 6min of on-demand video.

Learn the essentials of R Programming - R Beginner Level.

2. › Introduction to Data Science using Python

4.5 (5,623+ ratings) | 114,019+ students | 2hr 32min of on-demand video.

Learn Data science / Machine Learning using Python.

3. › Welcome to Artificial Intelligence

4.3 (3,001+ ratings) | 40,506+ students | 49min of on-demand video.

NON TECHNICAL COURSE specifically created for AI/ML/DL Aspirants, gives insight about Road map to Artificial Intelligence.

4. › Essentials of Data Science

4.3 (1,768+ ratings) | 23,614+ students | 1hr 41min of on-demand video.

Understand the concepts of Data Science,Identify different data types.

5. › Bootcamp for KNIME Analytics Platform

4.5 (1,732+ ratings) | 18,249+ students | 4hr 13min of on-demand video.

For users new to KNIME and data science, or experienced users of other data science tools.

6. › Deep Learning Prerequisites: The Numpy Stack in Python V2

4.6 (1,637+ ratings) | 23,224+ students | 1hr 59min of on-demand video.

Numpy, Scipy, Pandas, and Matplotlib: prep for deep learning, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

7. › Applied Deep Learning: Build a Chatbot - Theory, Application

4.2 (749+ ratings) | 32,252+ students | 6hr 8min of on-demand video.

Understand the Theory of how Chatbots work and implement them in Python and PyTorch.

Free Mobile Development All Free Udemy's Mobile Development Courses training

1. › Become an Android Developer from Scratch

4.4 (32,986+ ratings) | 550,729+ students | 11hr 32min of on-demand video.

Simply the best place to start learning Android Development from scratch.

2. › Create Business Applications with AppSheet

4.4 (3,747+ ratings) | 21,898+ students | 57min of on-demand video.

A Basic Guide to Build Data Driven Mobile Apps & Web-Apps in Minutes.

3. › Learn Android 4.0 Programming in Java

4.6 (3,640+ ratings) | 194,213+ students | 15hr 21min of on-demand video.

Learn to write real, working Android applications quickly and effectively, from the ground up.

4. › Mobile App Development in 27 Minutes: Android

4.2 (3,407+ ratings) | 54,274+ students | 30min of on-demand video.

Create an Android app very quickly. Understand the separation that Android has between Java code and GUI (layouts).

5. › Learn Flutter - Beginners Course

4.1 (2,994+ ratings) | 67,904+ students | 1hr 41min of on-demand video.

Better understanding of flutter and it's basic widgets, Develop basic flutter application for android and iOS.

6. › Android Development from Scratch to Create Cool Apps

4.2 (2,761+ ratings) | 63,315+ students | 3hr 3min of on-demand video.

Get a firm grip on Android Programming, Learn to Find solutions to any problem related to Android Programming.

7. › This Is How You Make iPhone Apps - iOS Development Course

4.2 (2,610+ ratings) | 145,931+ students | 4hr 30min of on-demand video.

Learn every step in iOS App Development with iOS app development tutorial, from creating to submitting to app store. Udemy top free online courses and certificates.

8. › The Complete Swift iOS Developer - Create Real Apps in Swift

4.7 (2,561+ ratings) | 68,187+ students | 48hr 55min of on-demand video.

Develop professional looking iOS apps, Have a solid skill set in Swift programming, Have a range of apps published on the app store.

All Free Udemy's Software Engineering program Courses tutorial

1. › Basics of Scrum, Agile and Project Delivery

4.4 (16,138+ ratings) | 154,712+ students | 58min of on-demand video.

In this course, you will be learning about the purpose and framework of the SBOK and understand the key concepts of Scrum.

2. › Visual Paradigm Essential

4.3 (2,858+ ratings) | 53,138+ students | 5hr 14min of on-demand video.

Drawing UML diagrams using Visual Paradigm, Working with VPository.

3. › RESTful Web Services with Spring Framework - A quick start

4.5 (2,783+ ratings) | 37,066+ students | 2hr 57min of on-demand video.

Be able to create a RESTful Web Service with Spring Framework, Be able to use Postman HTTP client to send HTTP requests and receive HTTP responses in JSON or XML format.

4. › Get Started with MATLAB & Simulink: An Intro for Beginners

4.2 (1,559+ ratings) | 24,987+ students | 1hr 25min of on-demand video.

How to run MATLAB on their own PC, Have an understanding of what MATLAB is capable of.

5. › Free Cisco CCNA and CCNP Remote Labs! Free Cisco VIRL labs

4.6 (937+ ratings) | 31,263+ students | 2hr 39min of on-demand video.

Access FREE labs hosted by Cisco, Learn how to access CCNA and CCNP labs, Learn how to access ASAv labs.

Affiliate Marketing free courses All Free Udemy's Affiliate Marketing online Courses tutorial

1. › FREE Affiliate Marketing Course for Beginners

4.4 (1,706+ ratings) | 33,381+ students | 2hr 18min of on-demand video.

How to ACTUALLY get started with affiliate marketing, How Affiliate Marketing Can Work for YOU, Setting Up Your Website for Success.

2. › CPA Marketing: Affiliate Marketing

4.1 (988+ ratings) | 20,779+ students | 1hr 10min of on-demand video.

Golden nuggets to help you achieve success. Make money online with CPA offers. Increase sales with geo targeted advertising mediums.

3. › Passive Income: Affiliate Marketing [WordPress Website]

4.6 (753+ ratings) | 14,221+ students | 1hr 5min of on-demand video.

Start making passive income with affiliate marketing. Find the best niches and keywords so you can get organic traffic. Find the best affiliate offers for passive income.

4. › Affiliate Marketing for Beginners - Amazon Blueprint

4.0 (283+ ratings) | 9,524+ students | 34min of on-demand video.

Your ultimate guide on basics of Amazon affiliate marketing. Learn how to become a successful marketer.

5. › Earn Cash Flow Without Investment

4.4 (253+ ratings) | 7,535+ students | 1hr 37min of on-demand video.

Lead Generation, You will have option to work on project which will allow you earn cash flow, Making Money Online.

Free Digital Marketing Free Udemy's Digital Marketing Courses training

1. › SMstudy® Digital Marketing Associate certification Course

4.3 (5,081+ ratings) | 80,160+ students | 2hr 26min of on-demand video.

Overview of Digital Marketing. Get free 'SMstudy® Certified Digital Marketing Associate' Certification with this course.

2. › Digital Marketing Fundamentals with Live Projects

4.1 (4,271+ ratings) | 94,200+ students | 3hr 12min of on-demand video.

Jump Start Your Career Growth & Earning Potential. Learn Digital Marketing from Global Experts.

3. › Free Digital Marketing Basics Course

4.3 (4,113+ ratings) | 98,166+ students | 5hr 45min of on-demand video.

They will be able to learn Digital Marketing basics and clarify some concepts on this subject.

4. › Google AdWords for Small Business: Secrets of an Agency Pro

4.3 (2,521+ ratings) | 82,625+ students | 5hr 54min of on-demand video.

Create and manage profitable Google AdWords campaign.

5. › Email Marketing Made Easy For Beginners

4.4 (1,705+ ratings) | 36,724+ students | 1hr 11min of on-demand video.

Learn The Basics of Creating Effective Email Marketing Campaigns That Make Your Business More Successful.

6. › Copywriting: Fundamentals For Beginners

4.4 (1,339+ ratings) | 18,252+ students | 1hr 45min of on-demand video.

The fundamentals of copywriting. The basics of writing to sell. How to solidify client relationships.

7. › Internet Marketing Course - An Intro to Website Marketing

4.3 (1,289+ ratings) | 35,611+ students | 3hr 52min of on-demand video.

Learn the basics of marketing your website from a college professor who teaches internet marketing for a living.

SEO free training Free Udemy's Search Engine Optimization online learning

1. › SEO Tutorial for Beginners

4.4 (25,712+ ratings) | 241,120+ students | 44min of on-demand video.

Learn the basics to SEO Optimise Your Site, Get to the Top of Google and Increase Sales.

2. › SEO Training Course by Moz

4.4 (17,519+ ratings) | 266,136+ students | 3hr 26min of on-demand video.

Learn SEO tips and tricks in this SEO training course from Moz

3. › What Is SEO? Learn SEO Basics & Optimize Your Website

4.4 (4,877+ ratings) | 103,048+ students | 2hr 17min of on-demand video.

Learn SEO basics & optimize your site - introduction to SEO techniques for entrepreneurs, marketing managers & newbies.

4. › SEO Website Backlinks with Google Advance Search

3.8 (1,247+ ratings) | 25,637+ students | 33min of on-demand video.

Learn Google Advance Search queries to identify backlinking opportunities.

Social Media Marketing Online courses Free Udemy's Social Media Marketing online learning Tutorial

1. › Advanced Social Media Marketing for Picking Up Clients

4.4 (3,134 ratings) | 64,960 students | 51min of on-demand video.

How to use Facebook groups, Niche forums, Forums and YouTube to pickup coaching and consulting clients within 48 hours.

2. › Social Media Management

4.0 (2,945 ratings) | 75,702 students | 2hr 53min of on-demand video.

Digital marketing training to Learn How to Use Social Media, Social Media Strategy and Social Media Marketing.

3. › YouTube 101: Keys to a Successful Channel

4.1 (2,309 ratings) | 58,021 students | 1hr 16min of on-demand video.

Learn the basics of creating professional online videos and building a successful channel on YouTube.

4. › Hashtag Traffic Generation - Hashtag Marketing

3.8 (1,715 ratings) | 53,243 students | 1hr 59min of on-demand video.

Understand exactly how to use hashtags in marketing to create posts that go viral. We expose it all.

5. › Instagram Marketing for Startups and Entrepreneurs

3.9 (1,017 ratings) | 24,456 students | 57min of on-demand video.

Your Road Map to Instagram Success as a Lean Startup in Getting Your Minimum Viable Product to Market and Making Pivots.

All Free Udemy's Product Marketing Courses training

1. › Fundamental Steps of Product Management

4.5 (576 ratings) | 8,080 students | 50min of on-demand video.

Basics of Product Management, Yahoo Cricket Case Study (real life example).

2. › How To Build Sales Funnels With ClickFunnels

4.1 (467 ratings) | 16,365 students | 1hr 17min of on-demand video.

Learn the capabilities of the ClickFunnels platform for landing pages, sales funnels and selling digital products.

3. › How To Build a Wordpress Membership Site With Memberpress

4.1 (235 ratings) | 16,377 students | 55min of on-demand video.

Create & Sell Online Courses On Your Own Website Using Memberpress & Divi Builder.

4. › Promote & Sell Your Apps: From Beginner To Expert

4.5 (131 ratings) | 18,159 students | 6hr 12min of on-demand video.

Discover the 'code' for getting people to buy and use your awesome apps and software today.

Free Udemy's Web Design online training courses

1. › How To Create A Website using WordPress (Step by Step)

4.5 (15,567 ratings) | 182,290 students | 1hr 6min of on-demand video.

A Step by Step Instructional Guide on How To Create A Fully Functional Website Using WordPress in Around 1 Hour.

2. › Web Hosting 101: Get Your Website Live on the Web in No Time

4.4 (3,551 ratings) | 93,422 students | 46min of on-demand video.

Learn how to publish your own website live on the web in no time with this web hosting crash course.

3. › Photoshop CC for Web Design Beginners

4.5 (3,441 ratings) | 98,269 students | 2hr 7min of on-demand video.

Learning the basics of Photoshop CC for Web Design Beginners.

4. › Introduction to X Theme and Cornerstone for Wordpress

4.7 (1,122 ratings) | 20,787 students | 2hr 42min of on-demand video.

Create beautiful websites using X Theme and Cornerstone with Wordpress.

5. › Apple Watch UX: Design Beautiful UI and User Experiences

3.9 (584 ratings) | 14,161 students | 1hr 42min of on-demand video.

Learn how to design and prototype smooth user experiences and beautiful interfaces for the Apple Watch in less than 2hrs.

All Free Udemy's Game Design free Courses online

1. › 2D Game Art for Non-Artists

4.1 (1,821 ratings) | 52,819 students | 2hr 14min of on-demand video.

Create beautiful cartoon art with a modern edge, and harness light and shading techniques to give your work depth.

2. › Digitally Painting and Drawing Eyes

4.5 (1,329 ratings) | 41,021 students | 1hr 35min of on-demand video.

Paint eyes of different types from various angles.

3. › Digital Painting Series Ep0. Dragon Bust

4.3 (548 ratings) | 21,958 students | 2hr 12min of on-demand video.

Learn to paint step by step. From amateur to master.

4. › Learn Magica Voxel - Create 3D Game Models For Unity3D

4.4 (196 ratings) | 7,025 students | 1hr 51min of on-demand video.

Use Magica Voxel to create amazing 3D models for video games , to sell , 3D world , etc. No prior knowledge required.

5. › Learn C++ Game Design with Lynar Moon Engine

3.9 (87 ratings) | 10,380 students | 2hr 21min of on-demand video.

Learn how to use the "Lynar Moon Engine" by using CLion (IDE) and C/C++

Best & Free Udemy's Graphic Design free online Courses

1. › Professional Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator

4.4 (8,938 ratings) | 239,948 students | 7hr 23min of on-demand video.

Learn how to design a logo that stands out from the crowd.

2. › Photoshop Fundamentals

4.5 (5,770 ratings) | 83,827 students | 38min of on-demand video.

The power of the digital art standard at your finger tips.

3. › Art Fundamentals - Building Blocks of Digital Painting

4.6 (5,024 ratings) | 68,841 students | 1hr 4min of on-demand video.

A beginner's guide to the building blocks of digital art.

4. › Figure Drawing From Life Using The Reilly Technique

4.1 (2,900 ratings) | 100,691 students | 2hr 34min of on-demand video.

Learn to draw the figure from life in less than 45 minutes.

5. › Logo Design Fundamentals

3.8 (1,625 ratings) | 46,556 students | 49min of on-demand video.

Logo Design! Not just the basics, it's the fundamentals. Lauren guides you in building and preparing a branded logo.

All Free Udemy's 3D & Animation online training Courses

1. › AutoCAD 2D and 3D practice drawings

4.5 (5,741 ratings) | 105,494 students | 5hr 52min of on-demand video.

Make 2D and 3d engineering drawings, familiarize themselves with application of AutoCAD tools.

2. › Learn 3D Modeling: Blender Basics in Under 2 Hours

4.3 (3,934 ratings) | 72,706 students | 55min of on-demand video.

Navigate the Blender interface. Use the basic tools, shortcuts, and primitive objects in Blender.

3. › How to Animate Logos for Companies & Brands

4.6 (1,474 ratings) | 62,667 students | 4hr of on-demand video.

Practical Animation that Brings Logos to Life In 1 Hour or Less.

4. › Improve Anime Drawings With Leonardo DaVinci Method

4.5 (779 ratings) | 21,828 students | 55min of on-demand video.

Learn how to apply the Method by Leonardo DaVinci to improve your drawings.

Click here to access all Free Udemy's Fashion Design learning education

1. › Fashion Styling: TOP Fashion Trends Fall/Winter

4.6 (666 ratings) | 10,184 students | 34min of on-demand video.

Trendy fashion colors and basic must-haves (clothes, shoes, bags).

2. › Manage Quality Assurance in Textile and Fashion Industry

3.6 (188 ratings) | 4,529 students | 32min of on-demand video.

Comprehend inspection procedure and statistical sampling plan (AQL).

3. › Sketch Footwear Design

4.3 (187 ratings) | 4,934 students | 25min of on-demand video.

Students will be able to determine the points of measurement to draw a last and footwear structure.

All Free Udemy's Finance & Accounting free program Courses

1. › Stock Market Investing for Beginners

4.5 (27,111 ratings) | 289,168 students | 1hr 29min of on-demand video.

Learn all the Basics of the Stock Market, through comprehensive, interesting and fun lectures.

2. › Introduction to Financial Modeling

4.4 (8,020 ratings) | 111,090 students | 1hr 18min of on-demand video.

Learn to build a simple integrated financial statement model.

3. › Introduction to Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

4.4 (5,621 ratings) | 66,104 students | 1hr 49min of on-demand video.

An Introduction to Cryptocurrencies: Get a functional and economic understanding of this new radical technology.

4. › Introduction to Corporate Finance (Mergers & Acquisitions)

4.4 (5,419 ratings) | 50,684 students | 1hr 32min of on-demand video.

M&A, Capital Raising, Capital Markets, Debt Financing, Equity Financing and more.

Free Udemy's IT & Software Free training

1. › AWS Concepts

4.6 (52,375 ratings) | 348,244 students | 1hr 17min of on-demand video.

This course is to provide a simple, conceptual introduction to the concepts of Cloud Computing and Amazon Web Services.

2. › Introduction to Cloud Computing

4.4 (40,750 ratings) | 225,523 students | 56min of on-demand video.

Understand the fundamental elements of cloud computing, Filter out the hype and focus on cloud value

3. › Introduction to Databases and SQL Querying

4.5 (35,859 ratings) | 367,218 students | 2hr 17min of on-demand video.

A step by step introduction to the concept of Databases and Introduction to SQL Querying.

4. › Introduction to networking for complete beginners

4.3 (14,086 ratings) | 184,419 students | 1hr 44min of on-demand video.

Learn elementary networking concepts in less than 60 minutes. Great before going for General Networking, MTA or CCNA.

All Free Udemy's Business online education

1. › Agile PM 101 - Learn the Truth About Agile versus Waterfall

4.5 (14,106 ratings) | 104,630 students | 56min of on-demand video.

Learn to See Agile and Waterfall in a Fresh, New Perspective as Complementary Rather Than Competitive.

2. › Secret Sauce of Great Writing

4.5 (13,561 ratings) | 182,125 students | 41min of on-demand video.

Ex-Wall Street Journal Editor Teaches How To Make Your Blogs, Books & Business Writing Sparkle.

3. › Unpacking the Internet of Things (IoT)

4.3 (8,238 ratings) | 61,799 students | 36min of on-demand video.

Understand why companies across the globe are investing big in IoT, Identify essential components and capabilities of IoT products.

4. › How to speak to anyone & be fearless - in less than 55 min

4.4 (7,914 ratings) | 121,739 students | 57min of on-demand video.

Learn to quickly connect with crowds of strangers, be better on dates or ace that job interview.

Photography & Video free certification courses Click here for Udemy's Photography & Video Courses with cert

1. › Introductory Photography Course

4.7 (16,302 ratings) | 245,578 students | 2hr 37min of on-demand video.

The fastest way to get off 'Auto' mode and unlock the creative potential of your camera.

2. › Photography: Ditch Auto - Start Shooting in Manual

4.3 (7,369 ratings) | 193,595 students | 4hr 41min of on-demand video.

Ditch Auto & learn how to take fantastic pictures with your DSLR Camera in Manual. Unlock your camera's true potential.

3. › Photography Fundamentals for Beginners

4.6 (6,697 ratings) | 116,109 students | 47min of on-demand video.

Learn the exposure triangle (aperture, shutter speed, ISO) and basic composition rules in this easy photography course.

4. › Learn How to Use Premiere Pro CC - For Beginners

4.7 (2,025 ratings) | 30,985 students | 56min of on-demand video.

New to Premiere Pro? No problem. Learn to create amazing videos in under 1 hour.

Free Health & Fitness courses All Free Udemy's Health & Fitness online Courses training

1. › Basic Life Support (BLS)

4.6 (4,987 ratings) | 59,381 students | 46min of on-demand video.

Learn BLS online, anywhere, anytime! Created by physicians and adheres to the latest ILCOR Standards and Guidelines.

2. › Introductory Aromatherapy Course For Natural Living

4.7 (3,802 ratings) | 54,075 students | 1hr 40min of on-demand video.

Aromatherapy-Learn how to use essential oils in your everyday life safely and effectively to make your own products.

3. › Herbalism :: Essential Herbal Medicine Favorites

4.5 (3,641 ratings) | 51,256 students | 32min of on-demand video.

A brief introduction to great herbal medicine remedies that you can easily make at home.

4. › Free Weight Loss Course: Weight Loss Made Simple

4.5 (3,341 ratings) | 77,471 students | 1hr 19min of on-demand video.

Seamlessly integrating simple habits into your daily routine for lasting weight loss. Weight loss has never been easier.

5. › Mental Health for Coping with Stress & Anxiety (Coronavirus)

4.5 (2,897 ratings) | 30,025 students | 1hr 57min of on-demand video.

Growth Mindset, Psychology & Mental Health to Find Opportunity in the Crisis & Cope with Fear, Worry, Anxiety & Stress.

6. › Fitness Nutrition: Build Your Perfect Diet In 5 Easy Steps

4.5 (1,132 ratings) | 23,931 students | 1hr 5min of on-demand video.

Learn The Truth About Nutrition, Dieting For Weight Loss, Building Muscle, Healthy Eating, Meal Planning, Fat Loss.

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