Chess game 10+ Free & Low cost online certification courses

Learn Chess online- Chess enhances the development of these abilities in children: problem-solving skills. social and relationship-building skills. thinking skills.Chess trains You to Work Under Pressure.Chess Teaches you to be Patient.Playing Chess sparks creativity.Chess game also helps us in profeesional life as well as in our health conditions.


1. Chess: From Beginner to Advanced at Warp Speed (Udemy).


★ 4.0 Rating (758+ ratings) | 4,427+ students | 3.5 hours to complete | Earn a Certificate upon completion | 8 downloadable resources | Full lifetime access | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

This course is for aspiring chess players who know how the pieces move and understand how to use some tactics such as forks and skewers but have never had any formal chess training.Through easy to understand diagrams and chess positions, I will take you through the thought process of a master chess player and teach you everything you need to know to go from a mediocre player to a very strong one.In this course you will learn how to find tactics over the board, make a strategic plan, and setup up your pieces for maximum effectiveness in the opening.

In this 'Chess: From Beginner to Advanced at Warp Speed' course you will learn:

  • Increase tactical skills
  • Improve Rapidly!
  • Learn must know openings
  • How to think like a chess player
  • Using your tactical weapons
  • Planning and Attacking

Course Link: chess-from-beginner-to-advanced-at-warp-speed


2. Chess for Beginners - Learn Chess Strategy From Scratch (Udemy).

★ 4.5 Rating (140+ ratings) | 10,510+ students | 5.5 hours to complete | Earn a Certificate upon completion | 1 downloadable resource | 2 articles | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee | Full lifetime access.

This course is for beginner chess players. This includes those who have never played chess before in their lives, as well as those who have some experience playing the game, but are looking to take their game to the next level. For example, if you are a 1200-1300 rated player or lower, or if you don't have a chess rating at all, then this course is perfect for you.

In this 'Chess for Beginners - Learn Chess Strategy From Scratch' course you will learn:

  • You will learn all the fundamentals of chess
  • You will learn strategy, game theory, and time management
  • You will learn how to play chess like a pro
  • Developing Minor Pieces Vs Major Pieces
  • The Fundamentals of Pawn Structure
  • Endgame Fundamentals
  • Trading Pieces with Purpose
  • How to Progress Faster
  • Doubling up Rooks
  • Controlling the Center of the Board
  • Middle Game Tactics
  • Discovered Attacks

By the end of this course, you will know all the fundamentals of chess in all 3 stages of the opening, the middle-game and the endgame. The aim of this course is to teach you how to play chess properly in order to boost your ability, as well as your ratings from a beginner to.a great player; we basically take you by the hand and walk you through all of these fundamentals step by step.

Link: chess-course


3. Chess For Everyone! (Udemy).


★ 4.7 Rating (537+ ratings) | 3,806+ students | 2.5 hours to complete | Earn a Certificate upon completion | Full lifetime access | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

This course is for Beginner to Intermediate Chess players who want to begin learning and continue honing their chess skills. This course consists of 4 parts:Section 1: The Basics.Section 2: What to do in the Opening.Section 3: Tactics in the Middle Game.Section 4: Checkmate in the End Game.

By the end of the course, every student should have a good idea which overlying strategies to implement in a game of chess, as well as the tactics needed to play out that strategy. This course is ideal for the people interested in being fluent in Chess tactics, and who also want to have fun doing it.

Course Link: chess-for-everyone


4. Master Checkmates (Chessable).

★ 5.0 Rating (9+ ratings) | 31 days to complete | Recommended for:All Level Players | Trainable variations:322 | Avg. line depth:2.39.

If you're looking for a simple training program to improve your ability to calculate and deliver mate — one you can finish in just a month — then you've come to the right place.But also one that can bring noticeable improvement in as little time as possible.That's why they created Master Checkmates — a tactics trainer with 321 checkmating exercises organized as a 31-Day Course That Boosts Your ability To Look Ahead And Find Quick Wins.

This structure is an excellent way to ease you into daily training, which is one of the best habits you can develop to boost your chess.With MoveTrainer optimizing your review schedule, you'll commit the winning patterns and ideas from the course into your long-term memory in only a few well-timed repetitions.

Link: master-checkmates


5. Chess Coach Online (IChessU).

★ 4.5 Rating Self Paced.

Considered as the most extensive online chess school in the world, IChessU offers comprehensive chess lessons. The skilled chess coaches here have the experience of coaching chess enthusiasts from every age group. There are options for both virtual classroom and private lessons. IChessU has trained several adults and children, and many of them have won major tournaments. If you join the online program then, you won’t need to pay for the first lesson you take. You can choose from the Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert lessons, and change your plan as per your progress.

In this 'Chess Coach Online' course you will learn:

  1. Courses are tailor-made according to the chess level preferences of the individuals, and their progress goals
  2. Individual chess lessons for your kids are available with a kids-specific curriculum
  3. The virtual classrooms are interactive and fun-filled. The portal offers chess quizzes for all skill levels to test your skills
  4. You will get to be a part of the global chess community that lets you partake in several exciting activities
  5. Learn the tricks and strategies by implementing your skills instantly during practice sessions

Online class Link: Chess Coach Online


6. Garry Kasparov Teaches Chess (Masterclass).

★ 4.5 Rating Self Paced | Audio-only lessons | PDF workbooks for every class | Download and watch offline.

Garry Kasparov is a six-time world chess champion, and he also owns the title of youngest world chess champion after winning the world chess championship at the age of 22. Over twenty years, Garry outranked several recognized chess players. And now, he is up for sharing all his chess strategies in this Masterclass. If you want to become an active chess player and develop your philosophy and instincts, then this course is perfect for you. In this comprehensive course, Garry has shared his advanced tactics and favorite openings. Check out the compilation of Best Stress Management Courses.

Link: garry-kasparov-teaches-chess


7. Chess for Beginners (Udemy).

★ 4.6 Rating (80+ ratings) | 1,603+ students | 3 hours to complete | Earn a Certificate upon completion | 7 downloadable resources | Full lifetime access | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

The course is created with the intent of enabling an absolute beginner to learn the game in a very structured manner and be able to reach a level of tournament participation at the completion of the course. Ideal for beginners aged 5 years onwards and expects parental participation.

In this 'Chess for Beginners' course you will learn:

  • Learn the basics of the game in structured manner
  • Focus of developing a method of thinking in the beginner. Give the right beginning to your young genius
  • Learn at the comfort of your home. Only requirement is a broadband connection
  • Pace yourself at your own comfort level
  • Learn at a comfortable time of your choosing
  • Ideal for students not able to attend a live class due to time/ logistics concerns or unable to find a professional coach

This course is for the absolute beginner.This course can also be taken by students who know chess but need to understand the basic tactics involved in the game.

Certification course Link: chess-for-beginners-foundation


8. Chess Openings for White and Black Taught by a Grandmaster (Udemy).

★ 4.6 Rating (173+ ratings) | 813+ students | 1.5 hours to complete | Earn a Certificate upon completion | Full lifetime access | 1 downloadable resource | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

This course is for Beginners and Intermediate players. In order to fully benefit from this course you just need to know how the pieces move and some basic rules. If you play 1.e4, this course will help you obtain better positions in the middlegame and you will understand what your plan is.When you play with black pieces you must know how to play against 1.e4, so this course will teach you how to deal with it as well. You won't have to memorize much as we will not go too deep.

In this 'Chess Openings for White and Black Taught by a Grandmaster' course you will learn:

  • You will learn all Openings that start with 1.e4 with White and Black
  • You will understand the plans in the Opening and Ideas behind each move
  • You will learn that certain Forcing Openings require deeper knowledge
  • You will find out how to get an advantage in the Openings you choose
  • You will avoid all traps and set up your traps against your opponent
  • You will see how a Grandmaster teaches chess

Link: chess-openings-for-white-and-black-e4


9. Chess From Beginners to Advanced (Udemy).

★ 4.7 Rating (62+ ratings) | 3,378+ students | 1 hour 54 minutes to complete.

This course is designed to learn chess effectively and efficiently. In this course, there is three-section i.e,Section 1: Chess Basic Rules.Section 2: White's Beautiful Traps and Puzzles.Section 3: Black's Beautiful Traps with Tactical Ideas.

In this 'Chess From Beginners to Advanced' course you will learn:

  • Chess From Scratch to Advanced
  • Checkmate with the Queen and the King
  • Amazing Response on Italian Game, Two Knight Defense Trap
  • Sicilian Defense Trap
  • Fried Liver Attack
  • Legal's Mate
  • Evan's Gambit Declined

After learning of this course, you can play chess efficiently and through this course, your game will become enhance and upgrade and you will become able to play very good moves and can avoid the blunder or mistake.To increase and upgrade the ability to play chess, enhance mind power, concentration, and improve decision making and so on.

Link: enhance-and-boost-your-chess-game-by-beautiful-traps-ideas-and-tactics


10. Beginners Openings and Tactics - GM Varuzhan Akobian (Youtube).

(47k likes) | 3,975,719+ views | 56 minutes and 38 seconds to complete.

Chess Grandmaster Varuzhan Akobian presents a lecture for beginners at the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis.

Class Link: Beginners Openings and Tactics


11. Chess Strategies: How To Play Pawn Endgames Successfully (Udemy).

★ 4.8 Rating (18+ ratings) | 1,258+ students | 39 minutes to complete | Earn a Certificate upon completion | 1 article | Full lifetime access | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

This course is about pawn endgames. Sometimes pawn endgame seems to be equal: both sides have equal material. In this course I teach you how to use your king activeness, better pawn structure and reserve tempos forcing your opponent to worsen his position.If you are a strong chess player, you may know that deep calculation helps to win pawn endgames, and I would agree with you. But anyway if you know what plan to apply in a certain position, you may calculate fewer lines.

In this 'Chess Strategies: How To Play Pawn Endgames Successfully' course you will learn:

  1. Win more pawn endgames
  2. Define whether it's a draw or a winning position
  3. Know how to defend playing against the only pawn
  4. Learn how to avoid perpetual check
  5. Know how to play pawn endgame
  6. Know how to occupy opposition
  7. Know how to win pawn endgame even if it seems to be equal
  8. Convert an extra pawn in Queen Endgames

After finishing this course, your chances to win approximately equal pawn endgame will improve.

Link: chess-strategy-to-win-pawn-endgames

Chess is a recreational and competitive board game played between two players. It is sometimes called Western or international chess to distinguish it from related games such as xiangqi. The current form of the game emerged in Southern Europe during the second half of the 15th century after evolving from similar, much older games of Indian and Persian origin. Today, chess is one of the world's most popular games, played by millions of people worldwide at home, in clubs, online, by correspondence, and in tournaments.Organized chess even for young children has become common. FIDE holds world championships for age levels down to 8 years old. The largest tournaments, in number of players, are those held for children.