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Learn German online-Acquire knowledge in German language which helps to achieve a successful future in Germany. Learn German from top rated educational platforms like udemy,Alison,Goethe and more.From which you can shape your career into a successful one. German language is the second most learned language after English.


Best German language online courses, certification, trainings, Tutorial programs | Learn German online.

1. Basic German Language Skills (Alison).


Course Link: Basic-german-language-skills-revised

★ 5.0 Rating 72,668+ students | 1.5-3 hours to complete | Earn a Certificate upon completion | Accreditation: CPD

This free online German language course will teach you the German alphabet, colours, and numbers. You will learn vocabulary that will help you get around a German-speaking country. You will also learn how to tell the time of the day and speak in German about the things that you like and do not like, and the course will also guide you through German verbs and their proper usage. Get started on your language learning journey, today.

In this 'Basic German Language Skills' course you will learn:

This free Basic German Language Skills course from Alison will be of great interest to anyone who would like to begin learning German, and to all learners who would like to be introduced to this very important European language. By taking this course, you will gain a bit of essential German vocabulary that will make your next trip to Germany or interactions with Germans a lot more enjoyable.So check out the course now and boost your German language skills!


2. The German ABC - a complete guide to German pronunciation (Udemy).


Link: The_German_ABC__a_complete_guide_to_German_pronunciation

★ 4.9 Rating (1,172+ ratings) | 18,611+ students | 3 hours to complete | Earn a Certificate upon completion | 22 downloadable resources | Full lifetime access | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

'The German ABC - a complete guide to German pronunciation' teaches how to spell and pronounce words in the German language & practise listening to the letters of the German alphabet.Most German courses or textbooks cover many topics, but not always in great detail. Normally, there is a tutor to explain more. That can be a problem for those who are teaching themselves as they might not have anybody to explain further.

In this 'The German ABC - a complete guide to German pronunciation' course you will learn how to pronounce the letters of the alphabet in German, including the extra letters ä, ö, ü and ß,how to spell email addresses and other words in German,how to spell words using the German spelling alphabet.You will also learn:

The German language is a delight to learn.This course is for anybody who has started learning German or wants to revise the alphabet again.Advanced learners, though, may find it too easy (but sometimes that's not a bad idea).


3. Write German like a Native: 10 German Dictation Exercises (Udemy).

Link: write-german-like-a-native

★ 4.8 Rating (148+ ratings) | 1,777+ students | 1.5 hours to complete | Earn a Certificate upon completion | 10 downloadable resources | Full lifetime access | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Dictation is one of the oldest language teaching activities and its advantages are numerous. It is an effective tool not only for improving the student's writing ability, but also their listening comprehension, reading and speaking skills. In addition, dictation helps students to diagnose and correct errors that are usually overlooked.

"Write German like a Native" is perfect for you if you want to:master German writing and spelling skills,understand spoken German with ease,learn new words to expand your vocabulary,perfect your German language pronunciation,start thinking in German.In this course you will also learn:

From this 'Write German like a Native' you can expect: 10 interesting dictations of everyday spoken/written language,Downloadable PDF files with transcription and vocabulary,Exceptional support and prompt answers to your questions,A 30-day full refund guarantee, no questions asked,And last but not least… to write German like a native!.


4. My German Adventure: German Language Course for Children (Udemy).

Course Link: My_German_Adventure_German_Language_Course_for_Children

★ 4.6 Rating (55+ ratings) | 6,994+ students | 2.5 hours to complete | Earn a Certificate upon completion | Full lifetime access | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

This 'My German Adventure: German Language Course for Children' course designed for children around the ages of 5 and 10 years. It is the ideal course to introduce children to the basics of German. How does a baby acquire language? Through playing, singing and repetition. My German Adventure takes this approach in order to teach kids German.There are 37 lessons that consist of introducing the subject matter and then practising it through real-life scenarios. These lessons amount to a total of 2.5 hours.

Your child will meet different characters that will guide them on their adventure. They will also learn about German culture along the way. If you want to introduce your child to the basics of German conversation, then this course is perfect for you. The best time to learn a language is during childhood, and this course makes the most that.This courses also teaches:

Students must be at least 18 years of age to create an account on Udemy. If you are younger than 18 but above the required age for consent to use online services where you live (for example, 13 in the US or 16 in Ireland), you may not set up an account, but we encourage you to invite a parent or guardian to open an account and help you enroll in courses that are appropriate for you. Those under 18 but above the age of consent may use the services only if a parent or guardian opens their account, handles any enrollments, and manages their account usage.


5. German for Customer Service and Sales Positions (Alison).

Link: german-for-customer-service-and-sales-positions

★ 5.0 Rating 1,702+ students | 1.5-3 hours to complete | Earn a Certificate upon completion | Accreditation:CPD | Publisher:Julia Richter.

This 'German for Customer Service and Sales Positions' free online course teaches you how to use German in the context of customer service and sales. We focus on vocabulary for use in real-life customer interactions to provide ecommerce customer service. By following the video lessons, you will master everything to do with sales in the German language - from product descriptions and online orders to customer delivery and the returns process.

In this 'German for Customer Service and Sales Positions' course you will learn:

This 'German for Customer Service and Sales Positions' course covers specialised vocabulary for the field of customer service so this course benefits customer service advisors beginning a new job, sales assistants adapting to an ecommerce environment or even those wishing to improve their German as customers.Sign up to improve your professional skills and become more comfortable with this rich ,global language.




70-85 hours to complete | Recommended: 6-7 hours per week | Level:A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 | Access to learning platform:3 months | Anywhere, anytime (24/7).

Are you looking for a convenient way to learn German online that offers you more than a simple language app? In that case, our new German Online Training is the perfect fit for you. With us, you can start learning at your own language level and master German at your own speed. You can select a language level ranging from A1 to C1 according to the Common European Framework of Reference and the course will encompass an entire level.

In this 'GERMAN ONLINE TRAINING' course you will learn:

If you're not sure what level of German you have, you can complete our free placement test. Select a placement test instead of a level during the booking process. The appropriate German Online Training level (A1, A2, B1, B2 or C1) is then unlocked depending on your score.



Link: german-online-language-courses

60 hours to complete | Earn a Certificate upon completion | Study materials provided | Interactive & Emphasis.

German language online courses are also equally effective compared to German language classroom training, German language online courses are challenging for few people, as technology is growing day by day better tools are emerging in the market to make online classes effective. Student’s feedback is monitored regularly by our team to ensure the quality of German online language classes. We have a unique student portal through that we are constantly connected with our students. Students can be connected instantly with our team by using student portal, so even though its online classes, we ensure good customer support to make German language online courses are effective.

In this 'GERMAN ONLINE LANGUAGE COURSES A1' you will learn:


8. German grammar - German word order (Udemy).

Course Link: german-grammar-word-order

★ 5.0 Rating (38+ ratings) | 308+ students | 3 hours to complete | Earn a Certificate upon completion | 35 downloadable resources | 12 articles | Full lifetime access | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

This 'German grammar - German word order' course is for any German learners. It is designed to accompany the learners as they progress through their German textbook or lessons. It is not necessarily designed for you to work your way through from beginning to end.If you are a beginner, then start with the beginners’ section and move on at a later date.If you are an intermediate student, then you might want to watch all the beginners’ videos to revise what you have already learned, or pick those bits that you are still struggling with before moving on to the intermediate section.If you are an advanced student, you might also want to check out the beginners and intermediate section as there might be things you’ve forgotten or not realised. If you do find a topic that you know well, just move on.

In this 'German grammar - German word order' course you will learn:

This course is for all learners, no matter how long you've been studying German.It is the perfect support for beginners who have started learning about word order.Intermediate students will find some revision in the beginners' section, before moving to the intermediate level.Advanced German learners might find this course a welcome revision and learn more in the advanced section.


9. German Online Language course A2 (IIFL).

Link: german-online-language-courses

60 hours to complete | Earn a Certificate upon completion | Materials included.

Learning the German language helps you to get University admission in Germany. If you planning to study at famous universities in Germany learning the German language helps you gain an edge over others. Many German universities offer education, due to quality education free of cost many students apply for German universities. You learn German through German online language classes or learn German through classroom training makes no difference. Having the German language certificate is the key.

In this German Online Language course A2 course you will learn:



Link: online-german-classes-from-language-pantheon

Fast Progress | personalized Learning | Easy Accessible | Earn a Certificate upon completion.

Students can learn German and also they can complete or indulge themselves in other degrees and courses. There shall be no limitation and boundaries, by having the classes’ online one can flaunt themselves in any other confines.An online class offers you the criteria for concentrating and focusing more and more. While having the classes offline in a traditional way may distract some people as some students tend to learn and gather the knowledge in a shy and compact environment. Learning it among humongous people may create some sort of disturbance; hence, you can be at your own comfort zone and learn it in a more effective way.

If an individual is working in a good, firm earning an enormous and great amount then in that circumstances the latter will not have to leave their job just to acquire the German classes. They can continue in their own profession and learn it online.An individual who is learning the German language online will not be muddled; they can schedule their own time for the assignments and other productive pieces of stuff related to the classes.So, pupils, how to learn German has just one answer and i.e. Language Pantheon. From German beginners course to online German course A1, B1, C1 levels, and many more everything will be granted through online approach, one can muster it by having either recorded online audio and video classes or live classes, there are many more modes via which a distant learner can grab German language classes.


11. German Pronunciation and Orthography (Udemy).

Link: German_Pronunciation_and_Orthography

★ 5.0 Rating (3+ ratings) | 11+ students | 2 hours to complete | Earn a Certificate upon completion | Full lifetime access | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

This 'German Pronunciation and Orthography' course is designed to help you improve your pronunciation in German by teaching you the German pronunciation and orthography rules - which are very logical! Not only will you learn these rules, you will also apply them in many different quizzes and exercises.This course is designed to move you forward! Therefore, the whole structure is geared towards maximum learning success.

In this 'German Pronunciation and Orthography' course you will learn:

This Course is FOR YOU if you:would like to learn how to bring your German to the next level,would like to be able to actively communicate in German,like short, concise courses, that get to the point quickly, without wasting hours of your time,are a practical person and want to actually use your new skill,like interactive courses, that make you train and actually DO something with your new knowledge.


12. Learn German Language: Complete German Course - Beginners (Udemy).

Link: german-course-for-beginners-learn-german

★ 4.3 Rating (11,263+ ratings) | 63,750+ students | 17 hours to complete | Earn a Certificate upon completion | 58 downloadable resources | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee | Full lifetime access.

Learn German with a Native Teacher. Complete Course - German for Beginners (A1,A2,A2+) German Grammar, German Vocabulary.In this 'Learn German Language: Complete German Course - Beginners' course the native German speaking teacher covers the following topics: German speaking, German pronunciation, German writing, German grammar rules and patterns, German vocabulary, German conversation and communication skills. The interactive board and the subtitles help the visual learners and the immersion method used for teaching German accelerates the learning speed, the comprehension of the spoken German and the fluency.The available subtitles make it the best choice for English, Spanish, Italian or any other non-native German speakers.The course starts from basics and includes free .pdf support and practice tests / quizzes.Deutsch lernen!

This German course includes: FULL HD Video Lessons presented on an Interactive Board,Downloadable .pdf Files for each Lesson,Video Captions in English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Turkish and Romanian,: Everyday situations presented in German.This course also helps you to learn to:

This German course for beginners offers you video courses that are tailored to incorporate various methods into teaching and accommodate different learning styles, so that they can be a perfect fit for each student, regardless of their knowledge level or of what they have learnt in schools.


Over 100 million people speak German worldwide as native speakers, and it's the second most widely spoken Germanic language after English. Learning German opens you up to business in places like Germany, Austria, and Switzerland as well as other areas of the world that count German as an official language. Even some unexpected places, such as Italy and Poland, have sectors of German Dialects, and German immigrants have profoundly influenced the United States. German language courses provide you not only with the mental stimulation of learning a new language but the chance to build business and personal relationships with German speakers. offers courses designed in partnership with leading institutions that students anywhere in the world can participate in.