Hindi language 10 Free and Best Online Certification courses

Learn Hindi Online - Hindi is widely used to communicate both within and between businesses. Hindi is Spoken By Millions Of People Around The World. Here you can find 10 best and free Hindi Language online certification courses, trainings.


Best Hindi Language online courses, certification, trainings, Tutorial programs.

1. Learn Hindi in 3 Weeks- Bestseller Language Course (Udemy).

Hindi Udemy

Course Link: beginners-hindi-course

★ 4.7 Rating (405+ ratings) | 2,690+ students | 5 hours to complete | Earn a Certificate upon completion | 14 downloadable resources | Full lifetime access | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

This is a comprehensive course in Hindi language for beginners/ advance beginners level. The lessons are professionally designed to explain basics of Hindi grammar with simple examples and worksheets with solutions. Anyone with no intention to learn Hindi script can also take this course as the medium of instruction is English with on-screen notes in Romanised Hindi (Transliterations).We have introduced sufficient rules and examples for you to understand Hindi completely. Some language courses use only translation method. This is what distinguishes this course from other courses. Otherwise you could learn Hindi reading a dictionary!

In this 'Learn Hindi in 3 Weeks- Bestseller Language Course' course you will learn:

Complete Hindi Grammar with sufficient examples and exercises with solutions. No need to learn Hindi script

Lesson-wise Quiz for testing your understanding at every step

Build sufficient vocabulary for day-to-day conversations

Downloadable Practice Resources

Instructions in English and Roman (Hindi transliteration) for ease of reading

Reading and writing Hindi script 'Devanagri' and joining letters to make words

Greetings and common introductory conversation

Those who are looking for only lots of translated sentences and expressions to mug up as means of learning the language this course will offer a different layout. By the end of this course you can expect to achieve a substantial progress towards your long term Hindi learning goal.Material for supporting self practice is also provided in the form of short stories and scenario conversations (text and audio). Important lessons have quizzes for testing your understanding. The vocabulary builder offers carefully chosen list of daily vocabulary.A separate section including step-by-step guide for learning Hindi script 'Devanagri', starting from pronunciation and strokes of Hindi alphabets to making 2/3 letter words.


2. Learn and Improve Hindi Language with Fun (Udemy).

Link: learn-and-improve-hindi-language-with-fun

★ 4.8 Rating (60+ ratings) | 1,644+ students | 2 hours to complete | Earn a Certificate upon completion | Full lifetime access | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

This course is intended to keep your spirit up while learning Hindi language. You will learn a lot of vocabulary, structure of various types of Hindi sentences used in day to day interactions. Slowly you will be able to understand Hindi stories, songs and movies. With time, u will be able to interact more than the common 05-10 Hindi sentences everybody speaks. Have Fun and Happy Learning Hindi.


3. Learning Hindi

Namaste and welcome to Learning Hindi! We are a completely free website teaching the beautiful language of Hindi in a fun, easy and casual way. We pride ourselves on being friendly, informal and welcoming to everyone. You can find all our lessons in the left hand side menu!The site began in June 2010 not as an educational site but as a diary through my Hindi learning adventure. This soon changed as we started to get more of a following and the site quickly took on an educational approach. Seven years and over ten million pageviews later we’re stronger than ever! We have over 130 and counting lessons from complete beginners to an intermediate level.

Enroll now: Learning_Hindi


4. Learn Hindi in just 5 minutes a day For free (Duolingo).

Learn Hindi in just 5 minutes a day with our game-like lessons. Whether you’re a beginner starting with the basics or looking to practice your reading, writing, and speaking, Duolingo is scientifically proven to work.

Research shows duolingo courses effectively and efficiently teach reading, listening, and speaking skills.They make it easy to form a habit of language learning, with game-like features, fun challenges, and reminders from our friendly mascot, Duo the owlEffective learning doesn’t have to be boring! Build your skills each day with engaging exercises and playful characters.

Link: Learn_Hindi_in_just_5_minutes_a_day_For_free


5. Learn & speak Hindi online through English for free in 30 days (Mind ur Hindi).

Learn Hindi language Online in only 30 days for free at Mindurhindi.com : your complete guide to learn Hindi online through English. This website offers you free Hindi lessons, grammar, exercises, daily sentences , quizzes and many more.Create your own learning plan by picking up the lessons from the sections below. Mix and match lessons from each of the categories (Alphabet, Lessons, Vocabulary etc.) and build your own self-paced learning plan.Prepare yourself for taking A for Apple, B for Bat, C for Cat lessons once again in life.This section will teach you what is known as the Devanagari script. Each lesson will make you familiar with not more than 6 letters and will make sure you are thorough with what you have learned. Click to get started with the A B C D of Hindi in step by step manner.

In this 'Learn & speak Hindi online through English for free in 30 days' course you will learn:

  1. Your introduction in Hindi
  2. Tell your name in Hindi
  3. Describe someone in Hindi
  4. Introduce someone in Hindi
  5. Describe the third person
  6. Introduce the third person
  7. Tell whoyou are

The most boring part of any language. But here, grammar is kept as a backup. In case,you are not getting clear picture from the lessons, visit the Hindi grammar pages. It is okay if your grammar is less than perfect.Learn the language for the people, not for the grammar teacher.Your first step should be to communicate your message in Hindi.Perfection will come with the time and practice. See: Hindi Grammar tables.

Signup: how-learn-hindi-online-30-days-english-free


6. Hindi language course : Learn Hindi speaking writing grammar (Udemy).

★ 4.4 Rating (100+ ratings) | 101+ students | 13 hours to complete | Earn a Certificate upon completion | 14 downloadable resources | Full lifetime access | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Learn Hindi language : Hindi speaking, vocabulary, grammar and Hindi writing course helps you in improving your Hindi vocabulary and teaches you spoken Hindi words, phrases and sentences to be spoken in different situations. It also teaches you basic Hindi grammar concepts and basic Hindi writing. You also learn to count in Hindi. The course is delivered in easy to understand English language.Enhance your Hindi vocabulary and learn to speak Hindi is different real life situations. Learn the basic Hindi grammar concepts and learn how to make simple sentences, negative sentences and question sentences in Present, Past and Future tenses in Hindi language. Remember to attempt quizzes, take test and complete the assignments to get the full benefits of this course.

In this 'Hindi language course : Learn Hindi speaking writing grammar' course you'll learn:

Learn the Hindi language in simplest and and easy to follow lessons. We all can learn any language with dedication and effort. The free preview lessons will help you in understanding the way of my teaching method.This course is designed to teach you Hindi language in the easy and simple way. Watch the preview of Hindi lessons to get flavor of my teaching methods.

Link: learn-hindi-language-hindi-speaking-words-grammar-writing


7. Learn Hindi SUPER Easy Complete HINDI Speaking Course (2021) (Udemy).

★ 3.1 Rating (160+ ratings) | 1,131+ students | 4 hours to complete | Earn a Certificate upon completion | Full lifetime access | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

This course is designed for anyone who is willing to learn the Hindi language.It is meant for people who have little or no knowledge of Hindi. This course has been designed by experienced trainers who have taught Hindi for years, the trainer speaker who are natives. This lesson includes an introductory video, plus 14 instructional videos to teach you basic vocabulary, grammar, and inform you about culture.

In this 'Learn Hindi SUPER Easy Complete HINDI Speaking Course (2021)' course you will learn:

Be able to express some basic desires, needs and wants in Hindi

How to use right tense for right situationsMaster your skills in Hindi language as this course is designed to make you comfortable in real life situations where Hindi becomes necessity

Learn basic and advanced Hindi Vocabulary, Grammar and Pronunciation

Be able to hold basic conversation with native Hindi speaker

Travellers Guide

Good things to say

This course is especially for Anyone who is enthusiastic about learning Hindi language. Anyone who is going to visit Hindi speaking nations.Interested in making career in Bollywood Industry.Anyone who wants to get popular in India through Youtube Channels who target their audience for Indian Community.Anyone who loves watching Bollywood movies and want to see & understand without subtitles.Must for those who are visiting India and wants to make most of their journey.

Link: learn-to-speak-conversational-hindi-full-course


8. Learn Hindi - Hindi Basics for beginners (Udemy).

The course is aimed at a wide range of students with a general interest in Hindi. No prior knowledge of Hindi is required as the course is for complete beginners.Objectives of the course:By the end of this course you will be able to:Understand simple Hindi words and phrases on a variety of thematic topics.Pronounce the Hindi words, alphabet sounds & phrases correctly.Easily substitute the English words with the new acquired Hindi words in your day to day conversation.Communicate in very basic everyday-life situations, including greetings, daily activities, finding your way, directions, date, days & months.Understand the Hindi Devnaagari script and the phonics sounds of vowels and consonants in Hindi.

In this 'Learn Hindi - Hindi Basics for beginners' course you will learn:

  1. Learn Hindi in simple, bite sized chunks
  2. Learn the correct pronunciation of Vowels and consonants in Hindi
  3. Learn Hindi words that can be used immediately right after Lesson1
  4. Learn names of Colours in Hindi
  5. Learn names of Animals in Hindi
  6. Learn Days of week in Hindi
  7. Learn Directions in Hindi
  8. Learn names of Birds in Hindi
  9. Learn day to day Phrases in Hindi
  10. Learn names of Months in Hindi

This course is for Non-native Hindi speakers,Foreigners,Students learning Hindi as foreign language,Students learning Hindi as second language,Students who want to learn Hindi through english,School Teachers teaching Hindi to students in international schools/environment,Schools looking for modern Hindi resources for their students,Hindi Language instructors,Foreigners married to Indians,Students with Indian Boyfriends/Girlfriends,Perfect for the complete beginner with no Hindi knowledge,Students who want to learn to speak Hindi in a simple and quick way,Student going to spend a holiday/vacation in India or another Hindi speaking country,Students who have failed to learn Hindi in the past but really want to give it one more go,Students with no experience with Hindi but would like to learn fast,Students who always wanted to learn Hindi but are very busy and can never find the time,Beginner through intermediate. So if you know little to no Hindi this is your course.

Course Link: hindi-basics-for-beginners


9. Learn Hindi in 30 Minutes - ALL the Basics You Need (Youtube).

(87k likes) | 4,244,628 views | 25 minutes 55 seconds to complete.

Learn Hindi twice as fast with your FREE gifts of the month including PDF lessons, vocabulary lists and much more!

Link: Learn_Hindi_in_30_Minutes_ALL_the_Basics_You_Need


10. Learn Hindi in 30 minutes ( Fast High yield course) (Udemy).

★ 3.3 Rating (30+ ratings) | 140+ students | 37 minutes to complete | Earn a Certificate upon completion | Full lifetime access | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Are you looking for a way to learn Hindi but you can not spend a lot of time on learning a new language? Look no further!This is the fastest and most useful course on Hindi ever created. You get the most value for the least learning time. LEARN SMART!!Most people spend months upon months to learn a new language. But the problem is that they spend most of the time on unimportant stuff. Stop wasting your time on learning unimportant words which you will never use in your lifetime.After spending days upon days to find a Fast way to learn Hindi, we have finally found a solution! Using our SHYLA(Smart high yield approach) now you can learn the most commonly used words and phrases in just 30 minutes. Spend time on learning only the most important and the most used words in Hindi language. You only have to learn the most commonly used sentences and words!

This course is very beneficial for foreigners who want to visit India but are afraid of the language barriers and have a fear that they might get lost in India because they can not speak Hindi. I have compiled a list of High yield words and phrases which are commonly used in speech. After taking this 30 minute course, you will be able to travel to India and let go all your worries!

Link: learn-hindi-in-30-minutes-quick-high-yield-course


Given India’s long and rich history, there are plenty of different ways for you to develop your knowledge of Hindi, whether you prefer watching Bollywood films, reading the latest Hindi language novel, or speaking to people in Hindi to practice your language skills.You can get more out of India when travelling through the country, as Hindi is one of the most spoken languages in India;Once you’ve mastered spoken Hindi, you should also have a good grasp of spoken Urdu, as they are incredibly similar languages, although they are written in different scripts; and Having a second language under your belt can not only help your work prospects, but it could also improve your memory and skills such as multitasking.As a result, taking the time to learn Hindi if you plan to go to India can be immensely beneficial from a cultural enrichment perspective, regardless of whether or not you speak English.While there are many people in India that speak English, there are 23 officially recognised languages in India including English, and so just knowing one language on its own will not enable you to speak with a vast number of people in India, particularly if you plan on travelling to more remote places.