Top 10 Discrete Mathematics Best & Free online Courses with Certification

You can Learn Discrete Mathematics from basic to Advanced level with top-rated Online Math Classes and Courses from Top online education providers (Udemy, Coursera, Linkedin and Alison) .

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Discrete Mathematics courses online trainings, certification programs

1. Discrete Mathematics (Udemy)

Discrete Udemy

★ 4.6 (1,348+ ratings) | 8,424+ students | 19 hours on-demand video | Full lifetime access | Certificate of completion | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

You will learn and develop the ability to think, read and write abstractly and Mathematically.

Learn the fundamentals of Set Theory including set builder notation, and set operations and properties. understand the Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetics, modular arithmetic, and learn how to find GCD & LCM.

Learn tautologies, contradictions, De Morgan's Laws in Logic, logical equivalence, and formulating quantified statements.

Learn how to create truth tables and tell the falsehood and truthfulness of a compound statements.

Certification course Link: course-discrete-math

2. Master Discrete Mathematics: Sets, Math Logic, and More (Udemy)

★ 4.7 (1,064+ ratings) | 6,511+ students | 7 hours on-demand video | Full lifetime access | Certificate of completion | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Link: master-discrete-mathematics

3. Master Discrete Mathematics-Set Theory, Relations & More (Udemy)

★ 4.5 (203+ ratings) | 3,155+ students | 7 hours on-demand video | Full lifetime access | Certificate of completion | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Learn Discrete Math as Discrete Math forms the basis of Computer Science. Discrete Math-Set Theory, Relations, Functions and Mathematical Induction.

By the end of this course, you will be able to define a set and represent the same in different forms. define union and intersection of two sets, and solve problems based on them.


4. Master Discrete Mathematics: Set Theory (Udemy)

★ 4.9 (118+ ratings) | 1,181+ students | 1.5 hours on-demand video | Certificate of completion | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Learn the fundamentals of set theory to help you succeed in Discrete Math!.

What you'll learn:
- Ace your set theory exam questions
- Given two or more sets, find subsets, power sets, intersections, unions, differences, and complements of those sets
- Given two sets, determine, using set laws and venn diagrams, if the two sets are equal.

Link: mdmsettheory


5. Discrete Mathematics: Open Doors to Great Careers (Udemy)

★ 4.5 (171+ ratings) | 1,797+ students | 4.5 hours on-demand video | 36 downloadable resources | Certificate of completion | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Learn the core topics of Discrete Math to open doors to Computer Science, Data Science, Actuarial Science, and more!.

Refresh your math knowledge. Learn one of the mathematical subjects crucial for Computer Science. Gain a firm foundation in Discrete Mathematics for furthering your career.

Class Link: discrete-mathematics-open-doors-to-great-careers


6. Discrete Math Series : Set Theory & Algebra masterclass (Udemy)

★ 4.7 (82+ ratings) | 1,038+ students | 6.5 hours on-demand video | Certificate of completion | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Learn Discrete Mathematics from scratch as Discrete Mathematics form the core of Computer Science.

Master set theory and algebra. Get ready for advanced topics of Discrete mathematics like group theory , functions. Get ready for research in computer science.

discretemath-Algebra masterclass

7. Basics of Group Theory (Discrete Mathematics) - Free (Udemy)

★ 4.9 (3+ ratings) | 216+ students | 40min of on-demand video | Free course.

  1. This course is about the basics of Graph Theory.Group Theory is also called algebraic structures in many of the books.
  2. This course is very important for those who find this topic confusing and also for those who are preparing for GATE or UGC-Net Exams. Questions from this topics have good weight-age in competitive examinations.
  3. There is is no pre-requiste for the course but it would be good if you have basic knowledge of set theory and set operations.



Coursera's Discrete Mathematics courses from top universities

Coursera Discrete maths

1. Introduction to Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science Specialization (Coursera)

★ 4.5 (2,172+ ratings) | 59,807+ students | Approximately 6 months to complete | Certificate of completion.

Learn the language of Computer Science. Learn the math that defines computer science, and practice applying it through mathematical proofs and Python code.

This course will introduce you to this language through a fun try-this-before-we-explain-everything approach: first you solve many interactive puzzles that are carefully designed specifically for this online specialization, and then we explain how to solve the puzzles, and introduce important ideas along the way.

Link: specializations-discrete-mathematics

2. Discrete Mathematics | Offered by "Shanghai Jiao Tong University" (Coursera)

Learners will become familiar with a broad range of mathematical objects like sets, functions, relations, graphs, that are omnipresent in computer science. Perhaps more importantly, they will reach a certain level of mathematical maturity - being able to understand formal statements and their proofs; coming up with rigorous proofs themselves; and coming up with interesting results.

Course Link: learn-discrete-mathematics


Linkedin's Discrete Mathematics Online courses


1. Programming Foundations: Discrete Mathematics (Linkedin)

2,303+ members like this course | 93,644+ learners | 3h 10m of content | Certificate of completion.

This course relies on an open-source SML (standard machine language) library to demo the concepts behind discrete math. Peggy Fisher shows you how to manipulate sets of data, write proofs and truth tables, analyze data sequences, and visualize data using graph theory.


1. Diploma in Mathematics - Free (Alison)


Study mathematical concepts and enhance your mathematical knowledge with this free online course.

This course covers everything including algebra, statistics, calculus, geometry, and trigonometry, and will leave you all the more prepared for most professional fields. So start this course today as mathematics is essential to success in a world that is constantly moving forward with new technologies.

Link: diploma-in-mathematics-revised

Discrete mathematics is the study of mathematical structures that can be considered "discrete" rather than "continuous" and Objects studied in discrete mathematics include integers, graphs, and statements in logic. Discrete mathematics is the branch of mathematics dealing with objects that can consider only distinct, separated values.