15+ Top online learning platforms in the world

Here are my top picks for the best online course platforms of 2021. These websites are often free or low-cost, let's keep learning together with these online training and certification programs.

1. Coursera [Popular learning platform]

Coursera is an popular online learning platform that offers university-level courses and certification programs it's and world's largest platform for online courses from universities and other institution. The courses are taught by instructors from top companies and universities such as Stanford, Yale, and Princeton.

The catalog contains over 3,900 courses and specializations that span areas like business, computer science, physical science and engineering, arts and humanities, and language learning.

Coursera PROS:

+ They are very “up to date” in topics of interest and new courses.

+ Coursera has the widest catalog of courses, all of them with a certification given by them in name of a professional institution, like top companies and universities.

Coursera Pricing:

Individual course (starting from $29/per course), Specialized program (starting from $39/month), degrees (starting from $15K/per).


2. Udemy [learning platform with high users]

Udemy is one of the best online course platform marketplaces with over 24 million students, 35,000 instructors, and unbelievable 130000+ courses. From web development to public speaking, they offer a broad range of courses. The courses are very cheap, starting at just $9. And if you don't like a course you have purchased, you can get a refund within 30 days.

Additionally, Udemy provides personal development content that enables users to manage stress, improve their self-esteem, and cultivate meaningful relationships.

Udemy PROS:

+ So many Free Courses.

+ 30-day Refund Policy.

+ Certificate at Completion.

Udemy Pricing:

From $10–$200+.


3. Skillshare [Best for short courses]

Skillshare is one of the most popular online learning platform and It has a massive collection of over 20,000 classes. The website offers thousands of courses related to design, business, marketing, technology, photography, film, fashion, music, gaming, cooking, writing, DIY. crafts, and more.

You can sign up for free and access a plethora of free courses, which are usually short video lessons that take about an hour to complete. Overall, Skillshare offers great value for money. The monthly price is very low and the quality and variety of classes are excellent.

Skillshare PROS:

+ Skillshare offers about 10% of its classes for free (2,000 classes can be accessed at no cost).

+ Very affordable pricing.

+ offers a 14-day free trial.

Skillshare Pricing:

Free Trial / Premium ($19/monthly or $99 annually).


4. Lynda.com (now LinkedIn Learning)

LinkedIn Learning evolved from Lynda.com. LinkedIn learning is one of the best websites for those who wish to learn about creativity, technology, and business. It's offering informative and clear video-based training for individual, corporate, and academic.

With over 16,000 courses taught by real-world experts from Lynda.com—and more than 50 new courses added every week—the library is always up-to-date with the most in-demand business, technical, and creative content.

LinkedIn Learning PROS:

+ Cheap price model.

+ Vast variety of lessons.

+ Very high quality trainings.

LinkedIn Learning Pricing:

$29.99/month (monthly) / $19.99/month (annual).


5. Udacity

Udacity helps to Work on practical projects, build experience, and advance your skillset as you learn. Stay ahead of the curve and get the skills you’ll need for the jobs of the future. Get Hands-On Experience. Created by Global Experts. It also offers a micro-credential called Nanodegree that focuses on in-demand skills in technology.

From artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, to robotics, they offer many courses that are currently trending in technology. Udacity delivers comprehensive career services, including personalized job coaching, resume writing guidance, and LinkedIn best practices.

Udacity PROS:

+ Top-Quality Content.

+ Free Courses.

+ Certificates.

Udacity Pricing:

Free / $599+ .


6. edX

edX is one of the best providers of college-level online courses, it's well-known for high-quality video courses. It has over 120 institutional partners like Harvard, Berkley, MIT, and IBM, Delft, RWTH, Sorbonne, Berkeley, many of which offer professional certificates and “micro” degrees, and more.

edX offers over 2,500 courses on different subjects including Biology & Life Sciences, Architecture, Chemistry, Art & Culture, Electronics, Education & Teacher Training, Medicine, Food & Nutrition, Physics, Science, Music, Law, History, Language, and Environmental Studies. Most courses are available in English.


+ 14-day Refund Policy.

+ Accredited Certificates.

edX Pricing:

Free / $26,000 (online Master Degrees).


7. Thinkific

Thinkific is a technology company with a platform that allows people and businesses to create online courses from their existing knowledge and then deliver or sell those courses to their audience from their website, and under their own brand.

Thinkific PROS:

+ Simple free plan to get started.

+ Can fully edit the code of your course site.

+ Customizable course certificates.

Thinkific Pricing:

Basic ($49/month) / Pro ($99/month) / Premier ($499/month).


8. Fiverr Learn

Fiverr Learn is another online course platform, which launched in late 2018. It is mainly for freelancers and people who want to pick up a new marketing or creative skill. Browse Fiverr's highly practical & step-by-step online courses and kickoff your online learning journey today.

Fiverr Learn PROS:

+ you can hire all type of personal tutor/ instructor.

Fiverr Learn Pricing:

From $5 .


9. Teachable

Today, Teachable has more than 3 million students, 7500 instructors, and 20000 courses. The numbers are getting bigger and better.

Teachable PROS:

+ Live Zoom courses on their pro plan.

+ Very easy setup.

Teachable Pricing:

Basic ($29/month) / Pro ($99/month) / Business ($249/month).


10. Khan academy

Being a non-profit organization, Khan Academy aims to provide a free and best education for anyone and anywhere in the world.

Khan Academy is available in 50 languages. It's a personalized learning resource for all ages tackling math, science, computer programming, also it offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard.

Khan academy PROS:

+ There are a wide variety of subjects available.

+ It is free and accessible.

Khan academy Pricing:

Always free.


11. Codeacademy

With Codeacademy, you can start at any experience level to learn basic HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Python, or more.


12. Alison

If you are looking for free online courses, then Alison is the best option. With 10 million students from all over the world, Alison is one of the biggest learning resources which offers free as well as high-quality courses.

Completely free to use, payment only comes in with certified or diploma courses. Otherwise, you can learn to your heart’s content on topics like project management, web design, or amateur French and German.

Alison PROS:

+ Free courses.

Alison Pricing:

Free / paid certifications/diplomas available.


13. Learnworlds

Learnworlds is a platform that’s best for course creators looking to interact in unique ways with their students. The platform’s premium positioning has worked wonders all these years.

LearnWorlds provides more than 1000 organizations and entrepreneurs in over 70 countries with all the tools needed to author, sell and market online courses.

Learnworlds PROS:

+ Certificates of completion.

+ The ability to create coupons and discounts.

Learnworlds Pricing:

Starter ($24/month paid annually) / Pro Trainer ($79/month) / Learning Center ($249/month).


14. Edureka

Edureka is an online training provider with the most effective learning system in the world. it help professionals learn trending technologies for career growth. Edureka online course learning website.

Edureka PROS:

+ Certificates of completion.

+ Good course quality.


15. Future Learn

FutureLearn is an online learning platform, an initiative by the Open University, in partnership with 23 leading universities, the British Council, British Museum and British Library to provide learning opportunities.

Future Learn provides several low-cost online classes in all kinds of subjects, including business, art and media, healthcare, history, IT and computer science, humanities, and other personal skills. Its free plan will provide you access to a course at no cost for its duration and up to 14 days after, but you can also “upgrade” the class to access any tests and get a certificate.


15 Top online courses learning platforms in the world.