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Ethical Hacking - Click here for All Udemy's Ethical Hacking online certification Courses

1. › Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch (Udemy)

4.6 (94,772+ ratings) | 432,937+ students | 15.5 hours on-demand video | Certificate of completion | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Learn ethical hacking, its fields & the different types of hackers. Hack & secure both WiFi & wired networks. Use 30+ hacking tools such as Metasploit, Aircrack-ng, SQLmap.....etc..

Become an ethical hacker that can hack computer systems like black hat hackers and secure them like security experts. Hack secure systems using client-side & social engineering.

Course Link: learn-ethical-hacking-from-scratch


2. › Practical Ethical Hacking - The Complete Course (Udemy)

4.7 (20,797+ ratings) | 171,136+ students | 24.5 hours on-demand video | Certificate of completion | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Learn how to hack like a pro by a pro. Up to date practical hacking techniques with absolutely no filler. Practical ethical hacking and penetration testing skills.

Learn How to hack wireless networks. Understand the security threats affecting networks and applications. Learn how to write a pentest report.

Link: practical-ethical-hacking


3. › Complete Ethical Hacking Bootcamp 2021: Zero to Mastery (Udemy)

4.7 (2,272+ ratings) | 20,214+ students | 27 hours on-demand video | Certificate of completion | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Learn Ethical Hacking + Penetration Testing! Use real techniques by black hat hackers then learn to defend against them.

Learn Python from scratch so you are able to write your own tools for ethical hacking.

Learn how to crack Wireless Access Point passwords. Learn how to gain access to any type of machine: Windows/Linux/MacOS. Learn Website Application Penetration Testing from scratch.

Online class Link: complete-ethical-hacking-bootcamp-zero-to-mastery


4. › The Complete Ethical Hacking Course: Beginner to Advanced (Udemy)

4.3 (27,924+ ratings) | 282,096+ students | 24.5 hours on-demand video | Certificate of completion | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Learn how to do ethical hacking, penetration testing, web testing, and wifi hacking using kali linux. Answers to every single question you have about ethical hacking and penetration testing from an experienced IT professional.

A complete tutorial explaining how to build a virtual hacking environment, attack networks, and break passwords. The ability to secure and protect any network from hackers and loss of data.

Link: penetration-testing

5. › Learn Python & Ethical Hacking From Scratch (Udemy)

4.6 (13,364+ ratings) | 75,084+ students | 24.5 hours on-demand video | Certificate of completion | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

170+ videos on Python programming & ethical hacking. Learn 2 topics at the same time - Python programming & Ethical Hacking. Write over 20 ethical hacking and security programs.

Start from 0 & learn both topics simultaneously from scratch by writing 20+ hacking programs.

Link: learn-python-and-ethical-hacking-from-scratch

6. › Applied Ethical Hacking and Rules of Engagement (Udemy)

4.6 (96+ ratings) | 16,183+ students | 40 hours on-demand video | Certificate of completion | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Gain 40h Empirical Knowledge of Cyber Security, Penetration Testing, Python Hacking & Build up a SIEM with Elastic Stack. 40h video Bootcamp, deep-diving into Ethical Hacking and Threat Hunting subjects.

4 Courses in 1: #A) Ethical Hacking #B) Threat Hunting #C) Python Hacking Scripting #D) Linux Security Distros. +5h Live Hacking Sessions for Hack the Box CTF (Here you become a hacker).

Online course Link: applied-ethical-hacking-and-rules-of-engagement


7. › CompTIA Pentest+ (Ethical Hacking) Course & Practice Exam (Udemy)

4.7 (3,294+ ratings) | 19,546+ students | 8 hours on-demand video | Certificate of completion | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Pass the CompTIA Pentest+ (PT0-001) exam on your 1st attempt, includes a Pentest+ practice exam. Take and pass the CompTIA Pentest+ (PT0-001) certification exam.

Understand how to plan and scope a penetration test. Understand how to exploit networks and systems during a pentest. Understand the penetration testing methodology.

Link: pentestplus

8. › Wireshark: Packet Analysis and Ethical Hacking: Core Skills (Udemy)

4.7 (3,943+ ratings) | 137,609+ students | 14 hours on-demand video | Certificate of completion | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

From basic to advanced network analysis using Wireshark! Ethical Hacking using Kali Linux: Passwords, Security, Protocol.

Learn how to troubleshoot networks using Wireshark. Learn how to use Wireshark for Ethical hacking. Understand and interpret network protocols.

Link: wireshark-packet-analysis-and-ethical-hacking-core-skills


Ethical Hacking - All Coursera's Ethical Hacking online Courses


1. › IBM Cybersecurity Analyst Professional Certificate (Coursera)

4.6 (3,121+ ratings) | 32,654+ already enrolled | Approximately 8 months to complete | Shareable Certificate.

Get ready to launch your career in cybersecurity. Build job-ready skills for an in-demand role in the field, no degree or prior experience required.

Learn about key compliance and threat intelligence topics important in today’s cybersecurity landscape. Gain skills for incident responses and forensics with real-world cybersecurity case studies.

Course Link: professional-certificates/ibm-cybersecurity-analyst


2. › Introduction to Cybersecurity Tools & Cyber Attacks | Offered by "IBM" (Coursera)

4.5 (6,523+ ratings) | 138,639+ already enrolled | Approx. 20 hours to complete | Shareable Certificate.

You will learn about critical thinking and its importance to anyone looking to pursue a career in Cybersecurity. Discuss the evolution of security based on historical events.

Describe key cybersecurity concepts including the CIA Triad, access management, incident response and common cybersecurity best practices. List various types of malicious software.

Link: introduction-cybersecurity-cyber-attacks


3. › Cybersecurity Specialization | Offered by "University of Maryland, College Park" (Coursera)

4.5 (3,641+ ratings) | 67,284+ already enrolled | Approximately 8 months to complete | Shareable Certificate.

The Cybersecurity Specialization covers the fundamental concepts underlying the construction of secure systems, from the hardware to the software to the human-computer interface, with the use of cryptography to secure interactions.

Link: specializations-cyber-security


4. › Penetration Testing, Incident Response and Forensics | Offered by "IBM" (Coursera)

4.6 (708+ ratings) | 16,704+ already enrolled | Approx. 17 hours to complete | Shareable Certificate.

This course gives you the background needed to gain Cybersecurity skills as part of the Cybersecurity Security Analyst Professional Certificate program.

You will learn about the different phases of penetration testing, how to gather data for your penetration test and popular penetration testing tools.

Link: ibm-penetration-testing-incident-response-forensics


5. › Cybersecurity for Business Specialization (Coursera)

4.7 (914+ ratings) | 20,564+ already enrolled | Approximately 5 months to complete | Shareable Certificate.

Discover the practical side of computer security. Identify what threatens your business and master how to practically defend against those threats.

Learners will identify risks and learn how to protect systems given real world system architectures.

Class Link: cyber-security-business


Best edx's Ethical Hacking Courses & Tutorials


1. › Penetration Testing - Discovering Vulnerabilities (edx)

Free to start | Self-paced | Estimated 5 weeks.

Learn fundamentals of penetration testing, including an Introduction to Penetration Testing Methodologies, Recognisance and Enumeration for Penetration Testers, Scanning and Vulnerability Enumeration.

Link: penetration-testing-discovering-vulnerabilities


2. › Network Security - Introduction to Network Security (edx)

Free to start | Self-paced | Estimated 5 weeks.

Learn fundamentals of network security, including a deep dive into how networks are attacked by malicious users.

Describe how "social engineering" can be used to compromise security. Define the CIA triad. Identify and plan to manage risks in common situations. Define a threat tree and threat matrix and explain how they are used.

Link: network-security-introduction-to-network-security


3. › Network Security - Protocols (edx)

Free to start | Self-paced | Estimated 5 weeks.

Learn more fundamentals of network security, including cryptographic algorithms used in networking protocols, TLS/SSL, IPSec Layer 2 Security and Wireless Security.

Link: network-security-protocols


Ethical Hacking - All Linkedin's Ethical Hacking online training Courses


1. › Ethical Hacking: Introduction to Ethical Hacking (Linkedin)

2,253 members like this course | 58,953 learners | 1h 44m of content | Certificate of Completion.

If you're interested in becoming an ethical hacker, or getting started securing your own network, this introduction is for you. Security expert Lisa Bock explores today's threat landscape, dissecting the top attack vectors and motives for attacks.

Online course Link: ethical-hacking-introduction-to-ethical-hacking


2. › Ethical Hacking: Enumeration (Linkedin)

13 members like this course | 2h 4m of content | Certificate of Completion.

In this course, instructor Malcolm Shore teaches the basic methods of enumerating networks and targeting systems with common enumeration tools.

Link: ethical-hacking-enumeration-13945377


3. › Ethical Hacking: Wireless Networks (Linkedin)

6,587 members like this course | 98,740 learners | 1h 41m of content | Certificate of Completion.

You will learn everything from configuring basic security to understanding how hackers extract passwords, harvest connections at rogue access point, and attack networks via Bluetooth.

Link: ethical-hacking-wireless-networks

4. › Ethical Hacking: Mobile Devices and Platforms (Linkedin)

533 members like this course | 18,253 learners | 1h 52m of content | Certificate of Completion.

Watch this course to review the basics of mobile OS models, the toolsets you need for testing, and the techniques for detecting and preventing the majority of security flaws.

Link: ethical-hacking-mobile-devices-and-platforms

5. › Ethical Hacking: Penetration Testing (Linkedin)

2,377 members like this course | 34,786 learners | 1h 29m of content | Certificate of Completion.

This course looks at one of the most important skills of any IT security professional: penetration testing- Ethical Hacking.

Class Link: ethical-hacking-penetration-testing


Ethical Hacking - Best Udacity's Ethical Hacking online Courses


1. › Ethical Hacker | NANODEGREE PROGRAM (Udacity)

You’ll master the skills necessary to become a successful Ethical Hacker. Learn how to find and exploit vulnerabilities and weaknesses in various systems, design and execute a penetration testing plan, and report on test findings using valid evidence.

Intro to Ethical Hacking, Penetration Testing & Red Teaming Operations

Link: ethical-hacker-nanodegree

2. › Introduction to Cybersecurity | NANODEGREE PROGRAM (Udacity)

Get your start in the high growth field of Cybersecurity by building foundational skills in how to evaluate, maintain, and monitor the security of computer systems.

Link: intro-to-cybersecurity-nanodegree


Ethical Hacking - Free Alison's Ethical Hacking online Courses program


1. › Ethical Hacking; Network Analysis and Vulnerability Scanning (Alison)

3-4 hours | 3,918+ students.

The course gives some great insights on how a network can be analysed to detect vulnerabilities within it. Such vulnerabilities can be used by attackers to hack into a network and cause great damage.

Online course Link: ethical-hacking-network-analysis-and-vulnerability-scanning

2. › Ethical Hacking; Information Security (Alison)

This free online information security course can be of great help in those moments when you want to secure your system or network by ensuring that attackers do not have access to some information.

The course gives you some great insights into the concept of cryptography, cryptographic hash functions, stenography and biometrics.

Link: ethical-hacking-information-security

3. › Ethical Hacking; Routing Protocols and Penetration Testing (Alison)

1.5-3 hours | 2,725+ students.

This free online routing protocols and penetration testing course is designed to help you learn more about routing protocols - Ethical Hacking.

Link: ethical-hacking-routing-protocols-and-penetration-testing


Learn ethical hacking from scratch. Whether you are a beginner or trying to get your Certified Ethical Hacker certification. This page has the best courses for you.

Ethical hackers use their knowledge to secure and improve the technology of organizations. They provide an essential service to these organizations by looking for vulnerabilities that can lead to a security breach.

An ethical hacker reports identified vulnerabilities to the particular organization. Additionally, they provide remediation advice. In many cases, with the organization’s consent, the ethical hacker performs a re-test to ensure the vulnerabilities are fully resolved.