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Learn Portugese language online - Here's a list of Top 10 free and low cost Portugese language online certification courses from best platforms. There are slightly more than 250 million people on Earth who speak Portuguese to some degree, making it among the top ten most spoken languages worldwide. Portugese is the official language of 10 countries and territories. Learning Portuguese will prepare you to work in such diverse fields as planning and consulting, finance and banking, tourism and hospitality.


Best Portugese language online courses, certification, trainings, Tutorial - Learn Portugese.

1. Learn Real Portuguese "package of 3 intensive courses" (Udemy).

Portugese Udemy

Course Link: now-speak-portuguese-part-1-brazilian-accent

★ 4.7 Rating (117+ ratings) | 802+ students | 21 hours to complete | Earn a Certificate upon completion | 1 downloadable resource | Full lifetime access | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Welcome to the biggest Portuguese course on Udemy, and one of the highest-rated. A package of 3 intensive courses (Now Speak Portuguese part1, 2 the Ultimate Portuguese tenses) it's now 21 hours, and we're going to update it until gets more than 30 hours.Join almost 20000 students in our courses, and learn real Portuguese with the most common Portuguese accent.Now Speak Portuguese (2 parts).Now Speak Portuguese, 17 hours of the video lessons.The lesson starts with a conversation by the end of the lesson you will be able not only to understand the conversation but to use it in a daily conversation.

In this Learn Real Portuguese "package of 3 intensive courses" course you will learn:

  1. To be able to speak Portuguese perfectly
  2. To be able to have a conversation with any portuguese speaker
  3. To be able to work in any country where portuguese is spoken
  4. To be able to live in any country where portuguese is spoken
  5. To be able to understand all the portuguese accents
  6. To be able to travel and visit any country where portuguese is spoken
  7. To be able to pronounce portuguese perfectly
  8. To be able to understand Portuguese grammar
  9. To be able to conjugate all the verbs in all tenses
  10. To be able to understand the nature of all tenses which are different than English

This course is for people who doing business with Brazil or Portugal or any country where portuguese is spoken,people who often travel to Brazil or Portugal any country where portuguese is spoken,People who live in Brazil or Portugal,people who are planning for a job in any country where Portuguese is spoken.people who have an interest in Latin culture and affairs,people who enjoy the challenge of learning new languages.


2. Brazilian Portuguese Language Course #1-for Beginners (Udemy).

Link: Brazilian_Portuguese_Language_Course_1_for_Beginners

★ 4.5 Rating (313+ ratings) | 1,810+ students | 3.5 hours to complete | Earn a Certificate upon completion | 12 articles | Full lifetime access | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

We teach Brazilian Portuguese through short, colorful and fun videos. Our course does NOT rely on translation. You will be immersed in the Portuguese language when you watch our videos which present everyday situations. Some tell small stories with a beginning and an end and others focus on answering common questions most students have.Each Portuguese lesson uses only vocabulary you've learned in earlier lessons, and adds to it. (For that reason, it is important to follow the exact order of the videos.)Our Brazilian Portuguese course is taught by a native Brazilian who is also a very experienced teacher. This is extremely important, since many language courses are taught by non-native speakers, which reduces the effectiveness of your learning. Why run the risk of picking up someone else's foreign accent?

In this 'Brazilian Portuguese Language Course #1-for Beginners' course you will learn:

Portuguese Today has spared no expense in the creation of our lessons and courses. We deliver professional quality content. Our video lessons were crafted by highly trained professionals. See for yourself the difference that it makes!Most language courses use translation. We from Portuguese Today, DON'T! This is what distinguishes us from other courses. Otherwise you could learn Portuguese reading a dictionary!So stop imagining and start learning! In the course "Brazilian Portuguese for Beginners", you learn exactly in this way, through the Direct Method, the method by which living languages are taught. The way you learned your native language! Learning without translation: through examples, images, listening and speaking. It is the ideal method for anyone who needs to learn the Portuguese language quickly and effectively.


3. Complete Portuguese Course: Portuguese for Beginners (Udemy).

Online class Link: complete-portuguese-course

★ 4.6 Rating (88+ ratings) | 21,355+ students | 22.5 hours to complete | Earn a Certificate upon completion | Full lifetime access | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

If you’ve ever dreamed of travelling to Portugal and holding your own in real-life situations, being independent and able to communicate with the locals, our beginner series is the perfect place for you to continue your Portuguese journey! There’s always more to learn, and we’ve prepared yet another course to enrich your vocabulary, advance your grammar and help you express more and more complex thoughts, all in Portuguese!

All this and more in just a few hours of instruction! This course is the first in a series aimed at helping you master the basics of Portuguese and giving you a strong base onto which you will be able to build your skills as a Portuguese speaker.


4. Learn Portuguese in just 5 minutes a day (Duolingo).

Make progress quickly | Stay motivated | Personalized learning.

The world's most popular way to learn Portuguese online

Learn Portuguese in just 5 minutes a day with our game-like lessons. Whether you’re a beginner starting with the basics or looking to practice your reading, writing, and speaking, Duolingo is scientifically proven to work.

Link: Learn_Portuguese_in_just_5_minutes_a_day


5. Learn Portuguese online with Busuu (Bussu).

Complete Portuguese | Portuguese for Travel | Start with 10 minutes | Track your progress.

Start learning to speak, listen, read and write in Brazilian Portuguese for free with our online course. Covering everything from learning basic Portuguese vocabulary to more advanced conversation topics, our content will help you study Portuguese quickly and efficiently.Thinking of visiting a Portuguese speaking country? Try our Portuguese for Travel course. Our course offers the easiest way to learn the Portuguese vocabulary you’ll need to get by on holiday.

Get plenty of Portuguese conversation practice by messaging spoken exercises to our community of Portuguese native speakers, and improve with their feedback.Learn to speak Portuguese as a beginner or at a more advanced level by putting aside 10 minutes and trying your first online Portuguese lesson, free of charge. Research proves that learning in 10-minute chunks is best.

Link: learn-portuguese-online


6. Learn Portuguese (Loecsen).

Whether you are going abroad for a few days or several weeks, a true contact with the locals is only possible if you are able to speak a minimum in their language.That's why we developed this method of rapid assimilation of foreign languages that can be learnt over the internet or on other mobile devices. It is intended for people who want to manage in most situations of everyday life without having to go through a lengthy learning process.

In this 'Learn Portuguese' course you will learn:

  1. You'll find real, every day, travel friendly expressions
  2. You'll discover the nuances of each language
  3. You'll be able to memrize expressions more easily through illustrations
  4. You'll be able to practice with the "Express QUIZ "
  5. Have good pronunciation
  6. Quickly find the right expression
  7. Easily memorize phrases
  8. Understand easily

Whether you are abroad for a few days or several weeks, real contact with the locals is only possible with a little practice of their language.That is why we have developed an internet and mobile media method to quickly learn the essentials of a language.This course is for people who want to be independent but without going through a long learning process.

Link: learn-portuguese


7. Learn Portuguese with babbel (Babbel).

If you have always wanted to learn Portuguese, you’re nowhere near alone; millions of people study the language every day around the world. And it’s no wonder! Portuguese is a language that captures a rich culture and history. The Portuguese language can take you around the world, from South America to Europe and even to Africa.But you might have a lot of questions about why you should learn Portuguese or what it takes to get started — or why it’s even worthwhile at all. The good news is you can rest assured that learning the Portuguese language is an effort worth undertaking. With the right tools and technology to guide you in your journey, you’ll see your efforts pay off in so many ways.

Luckily, Portuguese pronunciation isn’t too confusing for non-native Portuguese speakers, especially because letters of the Portuguese alphabet typically only have one sound associated with them. Don’t worry if you can’t master a typical Portuguese accent or Portuguese pronunciation right away; it takes time and practice! The best way to remember these rules is just to practice over and over, especially by reading texts out loud.The goal of learning any language is to have real-life conversations with native speakers. So a language learning app should be designed to get you to that goal in the best way possible. It’s important to dedicate the time and effort to practicing with discipline, but outside of your own personal commitment, you’ve got to have technology that knows how to help you most effectively along the way.The goal of learning any language is to have real-life conversations with native speakers. So a language learning app should be designed to get you to that goal in the best way possible. It’s important to dedicate the time and effort to practicing with discipline, but outside of your own personal commitment, you’ve got to have technology that knows how to help you most effectively along the way.

Link: Learn_Portuguese_with_babbel


8. Learn Portuguese in 4 Hours - ALL the Portuguese Basics You Need (Youtube).

(2.4k+ likes) | 108,743+ views | 4 hours to complete.

With this video compilation you'll be able to get started with the Portuguese language and have conversations after only 4 hours!You've decided to start learning Portuguese, so let's build up your vocabulary! In this video, you'll learn some of the most important words and phrases in the Portuguese language. If you want to start learning Portuguese, this video is made for you. Our host expresses herself in simple Portuguese, with subtitles. This video will challenge your listening comprehension skills and help you progress in your Portuguese study.

Let us help you through this 4-hour Portuguese basics compilation! This is the fastest, easiest way to pick up basic Portuguese!

Link: Learn_Portuguese_in_4_Hours_ALL_the_Portuguese_Basics_You_Need


9. Learn Portuguese (from Portugal) - A1 & A2 levels (Udemy).

★ 4.2 Rating (22+ ratings) | 7,785+ students | 3 hours to complete | Earn a Certificate upon completion | 5 articles | 101 downloadable resources | Full lifetime access | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Did you know that the Portuguese language is the world’s 3rd most widely spoken European language, right after English and Spanish?And that Portuguese is the mother tongue of more than 260 million people, distributed among countries such as Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, S. Tomé and Príncipe, Goa, Macau and Timor-Leste?

This course was designed and planned so that the students adapt to the structure of the Portuguese language in a progressive and natural way. By the end of the course, they will have the knowledge necessary to understand simple conversations between natives and make themselves understood and capable of solving everyday situations in Portugal.

This course is for People who live or want to live in one of the 10 countries where Portuguese is the official language and it is not their mother tongue.People that already have some knowledge of the language, but would like to develop the ability to communicate in Portuguese for personal or professional reasons.People who want to learn European Portuguese.People who are tired of searching for European Portuguese resources online.People who enjoy learning independently.People willing to work hard to achieve their goals.Visual learners who like to watch videos with stories.Someone who prefers to learn by listening to dialogues.

Link: Learn_Portuguese_from_Portugal_A1_A2_levels


10. 3 Minute Portuguese - Course 1 | Lessons for beginners (Udemy).

★ 4.7 Rating (1,635+ ratings) | 6,000+ students | 3.5 hours to complete | Earn a Certificate upon completion | 9 articles | 8 downloadable resources | Full lifetime access | 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

As the name suggests, each lesson in this course lasts just three minutes (more or less!). In each lesson, you learn a tiny chunk of Portuguese that you can use to build sentences. As you work through the course, you learn more and more little chunks and your sentences will gradually get longer and longer.The chunks that you learn in the first lessons are carried through to the last lessons. This means you don’t have to worry about trying to remember everything; you will get so much opportunity for practice that you will find the words and phrases just sink into your brain.The lessons in this course are focused, practical and effective, and you will build language skills that you can use straight away in real-world situations. You will be able to speak Portuguese comfortably and with confidence whenever you’re in a Portuguese speaking country.

In this '3 Minute Portuguese - Course 1 | Lessons for beginners' course you will learn:

So, if you want a course that teaches you to speak Portuguese you can use in everyday situations using a simple and fun method, then sign up to 3 Minute Portuguese today.

Link: 3-minute-portuguese-full-course-1


11. Learn Portuguese in 5 Days - Conversation for Beginners (Youtube).


Learn Portuguese in 5 days with our list of 300 most common expressions and words. This is a crash course in Portuguese. Try to memorize all the words and sentences and you will find yourself having a great conversation with natives easily.

Link: Learn_Portuguese_in_5_Days_Conversation_for_Beginners


Portugal has a long history of art, economics, and other contributions to the world. Their influence in colocalization led to Brazil's development, while the Portuguese language has been used for commerce and politics. It's one of several romance languages responsible for development throughout history and, along with Spanish and English, created the new world that we know today.Portuguese is the official language of a handful of countries around the world, including Brazil and Mozambique. As the official language of Portugal, native speakers can be found in Europe and beyond. It has the same roots as other romance languages, including Italian and Romanian.Learning a new spoken language is an integral part of keeping your brain healthy and stimulated. Whether you're interested in Portuguese history or simply learning Portuguese for fun, language learning can be an enjoyable pastime. Plus, you never know when it will lead to new opportunities both in the United States and abroad.